Card reading for Mon 8 Jan 2018

This was weird, I picked a random set of oracle cards like I do every Monday so I could do the one card reading  Long story short my hubby has a bit of a stalker I had jokingly told my friends I could always hex  her ,which I wouldn’t do because I don’t work like […]

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Housing justice spell and banish spell

I have a very good friend who is not happy where she is living right now ,it is stressing her out and setting off her illnesses (I know only too well what that is like having lived with neighbours from hell and bullying landlords for 15 years) She has a neighbour who unfortunately has mental […]

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The haunted ark ?

I got this Noah’s ark in a charity shop for the grandkids and every time it comes out there are awful fights ,the like I have never seen before,it is quite disturbing,they are not like that over any other toy, we have far more exciting toys ! I am wondering if the ark itself is […]

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Update on spell against paedophile

You may remember this blog spell against paedophile click here We’ll he’s been released ! And thankfully moved to a totally different county,I like to hope the spell helped with that because to be honest the so called justice system in this country is awful and criminals are often released back to the area near […]

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Banishing spell 

To cut a long story short ,a family i had known about 15 years ago contacted me by Facebook to thank me for something I had done way back. I saw the mothers boyfriend abuse the daughter in the street and I saw red, I went after him with a cricket bat,not proud of that […]

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