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Housing justice spell and banish spell

Posted in banishing & binding, justice spells, spells on May 27, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have a very good friend who is not happy where she is living right now ,it is stressing her out and setting off her illnesses (I know only too well what that is like having lived with neighbours from hell and bullying landlords for 15 years)

She has a neighbour who unfortunately has mental health issues and has taken to stalking her and scaring her, he doesn’t mean it but it has to stop and as usual her housing are like most housing Dept’s and saying there is not much they can do etc

So I asked her permission to do some spells to try and help her


funnily enough a few days before we picked up a toy ironing board for our granddaughter in a charity shop and it had a random orange ribbon on it that served no purpose ! Orange is the colour of justice

Spell casting is a lot about symbolism so we carefully chose items for the altar.

Moon phase waxing (bring to you moon)

Orange ribbon was for the knot spell
Key to symbolise locking door of home on unwanted intruders
“Home” sign ,self explanatory
Bastet statue to symbolise ****who is a black cat and getting stressed by it
Lavender incense for peace and calm
Carnelian stone which is orange for justice and carnelian is used for For Motivation, Clarification and Action Toward Goals

(The finished knot spell)

Besom broom to symbolise keeping threshold of home clear of unwanted energy /people
Praying hands (holding the carnelian stone)
Spell written on orange paper for Justice
Crystal cards : carnelian /justice

Lavender quartz /peace and calm

Garnet/warrior and strength stone ,also its a Capricorn stone and Capricorn are all about business which is what the housing people are.
Orange candle for justice
We asked for what we wanted to happen, that the housing people take the issue seriously NOW and move trouble maker away for *****safety and for him to get help, also to get some sort of restraining order if needed. *****is entitled to live in peace.
As it was a nine knot spell we started at 9pm

Almost full moon for extra oomph.

The written spell was bound in the first knot of the ribbon ladder and sealed with candle wax and sprinkled with incense powder


We felt this might not be enough so…


Sun 21 MAY

moon phase waning (take away moon)

black candle

Agnes my witch doll

banish oil


banish wand (obsidian crystal and rosewood with thorns on it)

black ribbon

banish powder: salt with cayenne pepper
it was a nine knot spell again,we stated what we wanted,for *******(his full name was used) to stay away from ********* and *****and let them enjoy their home and surrounding areas in peace ! (we also included “and to stay away from other residents in the building too”)

the paper was bound up in the ribbon, sealed with black candle wax with sage leaf and banish powder folded inside,banish oil was dripped on it and it was saged,the pentagram was drawn over the finished package with the banish wand.

we also froze his name in the freezer for an extra bit of power ! And I asked my friend to do the same,freezing his name with some sugar,so that if she does bump into him the experience will be ” sweeter”

We explained while doing the spell that we meant no harm to this person,that in fact we wanted him to live in peace also and get some help offered to him for his issues, we realise he cannot help how he is and we feel bad that he seems to be left to his own devices and in turn causes havoc and fear for my friend and other residents, we would like a good and suitable outcome for everyone involved.

Our “banishment” just means he is banished from upsetting her 

My friend is combining it with a ritual from the religion she follows,unfortunately these spells for some reason can take quite a while so they will need repeating,the reason I take photos is because my friend is in another country and before the spell packages get to her she can meditate on the photos and visualise the spells working.

She already reports someone from housing finally listening ,and some sort of “forcefield” keeping this man back, he also went missing for a while (which I predicted) giving her peace for a while at least….could all be coincidence of course but then again it could be to do with our combined efforts?




my Friend reported that she had a lovely peaceful time for weeks,he was seen around the area but came nowhere near her,unfortunately he has started his stalking behaviour towards her again so I need to do an emergency renewal of the spell and she is going to renew what she was doing following her beliefs her end, spells are not infallible, sometimes they need repeating and I have noticed that for some reason spells barely work for me,only spells I do for other people ,it took three years of doing spells to get rid of our neighbours from hell,and trust me,we tried every spell in the book (and we had already put up with seven years of them before we became Pagan) neighbour spells are notoriously hard to do,but don’t give up,there may be a reason they take a while, because it may be that the universe is waiting for the right person to come along and move in to their house…we have new neighbours now who are nothing like them,it was a long long wait,but say we managed to get rid of them within a year,we may have ended up with worse neighbours !! And although it is traumatic for my friend,the universe is probably finding her a nice neighbour who she will have lots in common with and also finding the man somewhere he will get the right help he needs.


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The haunted ark ?

Posted in banishing & binding, Haunted items, indigo kids, paranormal, paranormal our house on March 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I got this Noah’s ark in a charity shop for the grandkids and every time it comes out there are awful fights ,the like I have never seen before,it is quite disturbing,they are not like that over any other toy, we have far more exciting toys !

I am wondering if the ark itself is offended that it is in a Pagan house ? Sounds silly I know but its possible,so tonight I smudged it with sage,explained to the ark that we meant it no offence, we like the grandchildren learning all religions and they love animals, we offered thanks to Jesus /God for the lovely toy as well as thanks to our Mother Goddess and Nature God and hoped that we could all get along !

It will be interesting to see if the babies can play nicely with it now,will update next time they have been here, if it doesn’t work I shall give it to the Christian charity shop !

Smudged every animal and inside and outside of the toy with white sage incense as I couldn’t find my sage bundles, it should still work.

please do not share or re blog thanks

Update on spell against paedophile

Posted in banishing & binding, spells on February 10, 2017 by Psychic eevee

You may remember this blog

spell against paedophile click here

We’ll he’s been released ! And thankfully moved to a totally different county,I like to hope the spell helped with that because to be honest the so called justice system in this country is awful and criminals are often released back to the area near where they attacked someone as we found out when the person who stabbed my son was seen back in the area

Yet another update

Banishing spellĀ 

Posted in banishing & binding, spells on November 16, 2016 by Psychic eevee

To cut a long story short ,a family i had known about 15 years ago contacted me by Facebook to thank me for something I had done way back.

I saw the mothers boyfriend abuse the daughter in the street and I saw red, I went after him with a cricket bat,not proud of that but one thing you don’t do in front of me is abuse kids !!! I didn’t get him with the bat,I just scared him off, we lost touch with the family until recently, it turned out very sadly that he was actually a paedophile and made the families life hell for years until he was thankfully put in prison for his crimes BUT he is due to be released in the new year, the family are obviously terrified so I offered to do a spell,coincidentally that night I was due to do it something from my childhood came back to haunt me, I wasn’t going to do the spell but decided my anger might be powerful.

I’m not going to go in depth about the spell here but everything I could possibly use for banishing I used .

I do not hex or curse people but sometimes a banish and bind is called for.

I used a peg doll with his face on it and pipe cleaner arms which I bound with black ribbon, I also bound around his genital area so he cannot use either for harm,

The spell was carried out in my garden henge during the waning (take away)/moon,my husband joined in to give it some male power and after I did the spell I sent photos of it to the family so they could meditate on the photos and visualise it working.

I left the peg doll outside over night as I did not want it in my house and the next day disposed of it in a river (all the items are biodegradable and not harmful to rivers) I did that to “wash away his sins” as such and also I didn’t want to bury the peg doll in my garden.

Ive blocked his face out.

May he NEVER harm a child or woman again !!
Update :

click here