Earth day 2018

I am a bit late posting this !! This year we were able to do a ritual in our garden henge although it was so windy I had trouble lighting the candles, we wished for the usual : protection for people, earth, animals and the environment (Images from google search) Bad photo but the moon […]

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Cat and Crow

This was funny 🙂 This morning an ornamental crow arrived for hubby, this was my familiar cat Goddess Freya’s reaction to it “I am watching you” “Now I am going to eat you for lunch” It is now on top of my “spooky shelves” and has been named Edgar after Edgar Allen Poe of course […]

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Bran the black bird

It seems that our little friend munnin the jackdaw may be gone: ( we have not seen him for months and months and he was extremely old but we now have a new friend,a little blackbird who I named Bran The strange thing is ,we never saw him when munnin was around and he has […]

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