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so now I am getting more and more freaked out, this owl thing does not seem to be stopping. ok ok I get it…owls are my power animal !!!

yesterday I saw so many

I had a psychic urge to go into my favourite antiques shop because I just knew they had owls in there and I wanted one for my altar, the urge was so sudden that I asked my husband to take me there straight away even though the shop is seven miles away and it was due to be closing in half an hour, we raced there and I got three owls,

they were not the only owls in the shop but I could not buy them all, very strange that they had them..there were none in there the week earlier, they must of had a house clearance and whoever s house they cleared must of had an owl collection


I got this little tiny lucky charm one to carry in my bag


a big one for my shelves


a smaller one for my altar


then we went in another antique / second hand shop and saw all these plus a fridge magnet that I forgot to take a photo of, there was also a fabric owl and another shelf with five or six on itΒ  !!


two necklaces in the same shop that I wish I could afford *sigh*


my ring I ordered from ebay arrived the same day


then I went to my sons and he showed me this cute outfit for his daughter : )



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Present from Munnin the jackdaw

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Munnin has been getting very close πŸ™‚

Now he is literally waiting on the doorstep every morning to see if we have food !

We spent a while watching him yesterday after we treated him to some prawns ,he was not sure about them at first, probably because they were cold from the fridge.

Jackdaws recognise faces and he knows his name,they will leave presents for people they trust,I think he must know that I collect feathers because he dropped this right in front of my garden chair !

I wish I had filmed him doing that .

My husband is convinced that Munnin is the spirit of our old neighbour Fred who died three years ago, he loved birds and used to feed them every day,he also used to chat to us over the fence every morning,Munnin always comes from the direction of Fred’s old garden.

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Grand daughters new spirit animal ?

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(Starlight unicorn by Lisa Parker,who made my lovely new tarot cards)

Our oldest grand daughter seems to have a new spirit animal,it is not uncommon for people to have a selection of different spirit animals at different times in their development.

She has always had the Robin and that still visits her in our garden but now she is crazy on unicorns ! I know they are currently fashionable but she has actually loved them since she was tiny,way before the unicorn craze started recently.In fact when she had just learnt to walk she was fascinated with my novelty unicorn slippers πŸ™‚

The other week,you can see by this picture that she insisted that we all take unicorns out with us,including me !

We even had to strap the unicorn into the car to make sure it was safe 

At the weekend she came over for the day and was looking at my new cards,she was overjoyed to find a unicorn

It is her 5th birthday today,I have made her this for her new unicorn themed bedroom,that she had designed around a unicorn snow globe I got for her

I have got her lots of other things too but I bet she will just LOVE these unicorn fairy lights πŸ™‚

This is the globe I gave her that she designed her room round

She even has slippers like mine

unicorn stuff in her room,I had to take these pics in the dark

Border on the walls

A cushion

Painting her mummy did

she has got lots more unicorn stuff

Anyway, here is some symbology behind the spiritual meaning of the unicorn as a spirit animal

I find this very interesting because she is very creative ,she is very in tune with mother earth and the environment for someone so young and although it mentions working with psychic/intuitive kids this is written for adults.

She is an indigo…..psychic and intuitive !!

And the part about seeing past illusions until the truth is revealed is something that an INFJ is good at ,I am one and I suspect she will be when she is older (see my INFJ blog)

The unicorn horn = “to the point” she already doesn’t hide how she feels and tells it like it is, another INFJ trait

An interesting article on unicorns


Even I had to join in and try on the unicorn Head band

She had a surprise birthday meal in a restaurant with family on Friday ,which we all managed to keep secret,and on Saturday she had a party at home with her friends

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Munnin the jackdaw

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I may have mentioned our jackdaw visitor before, he visits every day,he is very old ,you can tell by his arthritic legs, the colour of his head and his unusual white feathers, I finally managed to get some proper photos of him

I did laugh though …..

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Lights in the fairy forest

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The fairy forest we made is so magical now,

I bought some solar fairy lights and weaved them through the trees, I wish these photos were better ,I will do some more with my proper camera soon.

I chose bright white to make it look like “will o the wisps” and also I thought coloured lights would be a bit too much as we have those elsewhere in the rest of the garden.

You can just see a neighbours house at the back of the fairy forest,I trailed the lights through the entrance

Along the pathway inside

This is right inside the middle where the seating is

Lights in the trees

Weaved through branches you have to walk under

We rescued a young hedgehog that was being terrified by a cat and was caught up in some brambles

We checked it over ,let it calm down and when the cat was gone we put it back,the fairy forest is attracting lots of wildlife,our grand daughter saw a frog in there the other day

And look at this lovely old guy

You can see daytime photos of the fairy forest here : some slightly better photos at dusk

The lights at the entrance

Leading inside

In the branches

In the centre

Right in the middle

It is all hidden apart from a few lights at the entrance, you have to go right inside to see the rest

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