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Good books for carers of “indigo kids” /psychic children

Posted in books, indigo kids, psychic families on September 9, 2017 by Psychic eevee

If you have an “indigo” in your family, I can recommend these books :

This one is my favourite

Kylie Holmes ;intuitive children

I discovered a coincidence when I got this one,this author lives not far from me !

This is my go to book all the time, its divided into useful sections and goes into subjects such as how to work with children and crystals,how to help children cope with sibling loss,coping with being intuitive at school,the importance of nature, how best to deal with what psychic children are telling you and it includes lots of fascinating case stories, what is great about this book is that her own children are psychic and she writes about their experiences and how different they are.

Unfortunately my copy has a lot of printing errors but it’s probably just from that print run

Cassandra Eason ,I have a lot of her books about Paganism,I like the sections in this about subjects that may be seen as frightening such as near death experience, ET encounters ,poltergeists ,shadow figures,night terrors and negative fairy experience,it is important to know about the negative side of psychic experience and how to deal with it especially for children.

 This is similar to Kylie Holmes book but my second choice.

Doreen Virtue is an authority on angels,I am not a believer in angels myself and admit to skipping through all the bits about angels in this book but she has written a few books on indigos, the first indigo book I ever got was her “care and feeding of indigo children”

This book in the picture is interesting because it is written with her son who is an indigo himself and the book has two view points,the view point of the mother who raised an indigo….and the son who writes what it was like to be an indigo child,he now helps indigo children and advises teachers on how best to deal with indigo children.

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Broken arm !!! Grandmas warning from spirit world ?

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Yesterday our little two year old grandson walked in front of a ten year old girl who was in a swing,she sent him flying and he has a clean break in his arm above his elbow 😦 poor little guy ,he was very brave though apparently. He has a sort of cast that is just on the back of his arm til the swelling goes down,then next week he gets a full cast.

It seems my grandmother in the spirit world was trying to let me know the day before !

She used to be a nurse in the navy during WW2

Twice I came across her surname in one day ,which is an unusual name

Then I was going through a spirit box transcript (for a rockstar) and this came up

She often interrupts my work and I assumed it was because she was worried about my health issues at the moment, but it seems that maybe she knew about grandson before it happened ?

She does tend to be my guide and give warnings if it is anything medical related !

Miss you grandma ❤


we went to see him today,he is being very brave,we took him a new toy car,he was happy about that,he needs to have nerve conduction tests because the break is in the exact same place where my ulnar nerve was trapped ! And part of his bone is slightly displaced #worrying

This shows how tough he is,this was the day it happened,mind you I think he was away with the fairies on diamorphine,his daddy told me that grandson was most upset about his t shirt, he had chosen it himself from the shop that morning and it had to be cut off at the hospital 😦
UPDATE: two days later my hubby had to take our son to hospital, he dropped a flat pack wardrobe on his foot and it might be broken !

So on the 6th baby Isaac is up the fracture clinic and on the 7th his daddy is up there !!



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The other night I had that very weird feeling in my hand that I have had only once before. you can read about it in previous blog

last time it was linked to my son and again it was linked to him

here is my text to him


and here is his FB status


it is a few days out but I will class it as a premonition because of the odd thing with my hand and the fact I have only had that

once before and it was linked to him,

I cannot explain it, my husband was witness both times but you can actually see my fingers being crushed and bent !!



previous episode


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something VERY weird happened last night , I was sitting there watching tv and minding my own business when it felt like someone grabbed my hand and crushed it !!! my husband watched as my arm was lifted by what seemed to be unseen hands and he could actually see my fingers bendingI was screaming in pain ….I am not sure if this is paranormal or not because I do have a problem with my hand but I have NEVER had that beforethe strange coincedence is this : later that night my hubby had to go and be a mediator when my son and his girlfriend had a falling out,,,it did not occur to me later that my son may of punched a wall in a temper or something and I was picking up on it…we have had telepathic happenings before such as the time I curled up on the floor screaming because my eye hurt and later he came home to say he had got the liquid from a glow stick in his eye at exactly the same timefrom the screenshots you can see the times my son (Nate ) spoke to me on the phone and I was not really aware of the problems he was having when we spoke..he mostly spoke about work

the episode with my hand happened between those calls

you can see where my hand is all swollen and twisted and the knuckles are flattened…just like if I had punched a wall…it stayed like that for about half an hour then was perfectly fine

EXCUSE THE SWEARING !! this is the text I got back from him today

trickster2 wrote on May 21
This is one of those times , where being to close to someone is a bad thing .

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 21

This is one of those times , where being to close to someone is a bad thing .

yep !!!! it sure was not funny

rosiefielding2 wrote on May 21
You are very receptive indeed and feel pain from others , also you recieve all vibrations , you must be very sensitive indeed x

eeveefoo wrote on May 21
I am Rosie..sometimes it is good when I work out what is going on and I get to help people but at times like this it is ridiculous

rosiefielding2 wrote on May 21
Yes I understand this , hugs x

eternityreturned wrote on May 27
Doesn’t surprise me at all…the connection part.

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 31

Yes I understand this , hugs x

thanks and hugs to you too

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 31

Doesn’t surprise me at all…the connection part.

we are sooooo alike it is unbelievable !!

eternityreturned wrote on Jun 1
When I was about 14, my brother nearly cut off his thumb. I’d been at school, at the time…I felt it coming out of the library. Just a sharp nearly unbearable pain. So, no, not surprised.

eeveefoo wrote on Jun 4

When I was about 14, my brother nearly cut off his thumb. I’d been at school, at the time…I felt it coming out of the library. Just a sharp nearly unbearable pain. So, no, not surprised.

I am not surprised that you too have had telepathic experiences !!

nylabluesmom wrote on Jul 18
OUCH!!! You are so linked with Nate…he better think on b4 punching walls again ’cause he is hurting his Momma, lol…I think you are also an empath…..:)


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so I still have not caught up with my blogs here (shame on me) just wanted to post this though..I have mentioned that my little sister Aisling is like my “mini me” and I have only known her a year so It is a bit odd, it is not like she grew up with me, I am finding that I am having more and more in common with her which is also odd because it is always really strange things that kids would not be into, for example…the other day when I arrived at my dads house she was reading a book on WW2 !! unusual for a ten year old girl and she doesn’t know that I am fascinated with WW2

anyway, that same visit I was taking photos and came home with some unexplained ones, I am a photographer and cannot find a reason for these anomilies ,my camera is new so it is unlikely to be a fault and it is the only place that it has happened, I think it shows that she is an “Indigo child” for sure (see INDIGO KIDS blog entry)
no anomily
a beam of light near Aislings head (remember the photo of me with the lilac orb near my head ?)
and this photo below where a strange fog had descended
she is sitting next to my son who is also an “indigo” but he seems to be growing out of it so I really think these anomilies are down to Aisling !! she also spent most of the visit asking my son and I to tell her all about our paranormal investigating, she was fascinated and not in the least bit scared…I think we have another psychic / paranormal investigator in the family