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Psychic detective work (my work and TV detectives)

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Psychic detective work is what I want to specialise in and I have helped the police before in another country simply by looking at a photo of an alleyway ,while working on that case I then had the mark of a dice appear on my face that it turned out was meaningful to the investigation, I can’t say I “solved” the case and that is not my mission, although it would be great if I could.

I knew about the Suffolk murders ten days before the public did,I noted lots of info that proved to be correct and even drew the murderer .

Last year I led police to some bones and gave them a map and a list of names and info of a 25 year old cold case, (i was at home reading about the case and had a sudden urge to draw a map,i marked an area on it,when we got there: its somehwhere i was photographing for my urb ex photography..i stepped back to get a long shot and twisted my ankle on some bones,in the exact spot i marked,i also got very relevant evps there)I doubt they will update me,the trouble with police in this country is that they hardly ever use psychics and if they do they don’t want the psychics stealing their “glory” which is quite pathetic really,when most psychics with any integrity do not even want any “glory” in the first place…and certainly do not want paying,I do not charge for those kind of readings.

I do a lot of murder/missing work but unfortunately have to keep it on my private Facebook page,I use various methods from remote viewing,the oracle cards I invented, psychometry, evps at the scene, spirit box,dice reading, pendulum,dreams etc

My evps and spirit box recordings come up with things that research later proves to be correct.

There is a missing person case that has been going on for over a year where the family has rather rudely stated “no psychics” which is of course their choice ,but the millions spent by the police so far and not as scrap of evidence found so far,could have been solved a year ago had a good psychic been involved,I understand families like that not wanting to be inundated with everyone and their dog who think they are psychic but the police DO know of good ones !

I have in depth gone into that case and all my work is dated and stored on my private Facebook,IF and when the case is solved and any of my work proves to be accurate I will move it her,but then I will have to live with psychics guilt,that I knew…but there was nothing I could do !

Most of my work lately though is about rock stars,I have explained previously why that is though.
Should the police use psychics ?

Yes,I believe they should,they should get the opinion of one at the start of a case,but only one who has a proven track record.They can be a good tool and I believe that they are simply another investigation method in line with a sniffer dog,police have no problem using those.

I watch as many psychic detective programmes as I can, the one titled “psychic detectives” is probably the best but I have also been watching “haunting evidence”

I am unsure on that one and sadly there is a lot of bad press about it when you look it up,but is it true bad press or just jealousy ? I don’t know..I need to do more research, anyway the reason I mention it is because I was watching one episode about a young man called “Anthony ” and within five minutes I was yelling at the TV that they had it wrong…

Maybe I have it wrong but I had very strong feelings (and this is the issue,no two psychics will pick up exactly the same thing)

But :

They stated he was “playing through pictures of his life in his head” 

“He was very upset,he had fallen out with a friend and wanted to sort it out with them but it was too late at night”

“He was a decent,sensitive guy”

“He told his family his car had steering troubles”

“They see him veer off into another lane”

“I see him taking tablets while driving”

And here is what sealed it for me….

One of the psychics was handed a coat belonging to the missing man and he was shocked to find in the pocket : pages of printed directions to LAKES ! And it was not mentioned that he was a fisherman

What I saw straight off was that it was sadly a suicide ,hence him playing pictures of his life in his head,he was very sensitive and I think possibly he had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder that he kept secret so the falling out with his friend and not being able to make up with him immediately pushed him over the edge, he had already been considering suicide though,hence why he made up a story about his car steering, he didn’t want his family to know the truth, he thought it would be easier for them to cope with if they thought it was an accident,he veered into another lane to go into the water on purpose, not due to steering issues,yes he was a bit drunk as he needed the courage to go through with it and he was hoping a drink driving accident would be blamed,the tablets were not just anti biotics his family said he was on at the time, he had printed the pictures of the lakes because he had to decide which one to use,I did think it wasn’t the one they concentrated on in the programme,I felt it was shallower water because like most people who attempt suicide he had sort of hoped he may be stopped or it may not have killed him”

So imagine my surprise when I just now looked on YouTube to try and find the episode to post and found this

Please do not share or re blog thanks


Before asking for reading .be sure to read this, thanks

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before asking for a reading PLEASE NOTE :

I no longer do free readings unless they are unsolved crime readings !!
I do not do free dream interpretation, free astrology or anything any more
please look at the price list :
click here
please take a good look round this website, it gives numerous examples of the different types of readings that I do
I am not yet a fully fledged “medium” so I do not specifically contact deceased loved ones but sometimes they do come through by way of symbolism and a few words, this will let you know by what you get in your reading if your loved one is around or not : ) 
I am however developing the medium side of abilities but it is going to take years of practice
you can also see testimonials from satisfied clients on this website and comments from other psychics (please read also why it is important that I log your reading and your feedback on this site…can post it anonymously and delete any parts you find too private)
please take a good look round because I am not able to keep repeating myself : (
love and light
PS …please also take into account that I am now disabled and I have a brain illness which means that sometimes I am not in the right frame of mind to do readings so there may be a waiting list, if you are waiting a lot longer than I specify then you will get a discount, thanks for your understanding !
ALSO because I am on disability benefits I can only do a couple of readings a month because I am only allowed to earn “pocket money “


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HELLO THANKS FOR VISITING MY SITEI do many kinds of readings, most can be done via email photographs, you need to send me a close up ,recent photo where I can study the eyes
send to
readings . by . eevee @
(I NOW CHARGE,please see bottom of page !!)
I CANNOT PROMISE TO BE TOTALLY CORRECT AS I AM STILL DEVELOPING ,SO PLEASE BEAR THAT IN MINDI can read from photos of living or deceased people and i also read photos from houses,if you have a haunted house and want to know what i can sense then please send me photos of the interior,especially the most active rooms and if possible a photo of the outside (no photos of people or houses will be posted) remember though that what i pick up from your house may be from hundreds of years ago and from what used to be on the land before your house !! its always a good idea for you to do some history research after my reading,even if your house is new it can still be haunted by what was there before.
please update me if you do any history researchI do need to blog your reading if possible as it all helps my development but i can put your reading under a false name and remove any parts you wouldnt want made public.(this all gets discussed by email before hand)

(please see examples of readings on my blog to see how accurate they are)

I also need to blog your comments back to me.
When i do you a reading please email it back with your comments in a different colour text.
If you have a multiply blog you will be able to see from your page “footprints” that i do not read any of your blogs before hand,i like to truly test myself and see no point in cheating

my readings are not fortune telling as such,they are more to see what i can pick up about you to test my psychic ability,sometimes the future does come up but it is rare,

hold on to your reading even if it doesnt make sense right away,some people have noticed months later that it did indeed make sense !!
I can pick up on deceased loved ones and although they dont often leave messages as my ability is not that advanced yet ,they will give clues that they are around
please update me if you can verify my info at a later date

my methods other than face reading are pendulum.psychic art,psychometry,automatic writing,premonitions and dream readings (ie i can study your photo before going to sleep and get the info in my dreams instead) I do lots of other kinds of readings (see price list below)

i have been running my current paranormal group since 2000 (having studied the paranormal since a young child and experiencing my own haunting) i get information while investigating on cases,that has been backed up afterwards by research
to visit my paranormal group go to :

i have passed a psychic development course

i am also trying out “remote viewing” by photo,if you have a misplaced item i would be more than happy to try and find it for you

I will not tell you anything bad from your reading and neither will i tell you how to win the lottery,if i knew how to do that i would do it myself

please be HONEST if i get anything wrong,there is no point in telling me if i am correct when i am not , i need to know when i am wrong in order to improve !!
if i am way off i will try again for you
sometimes i get readings mixed up if i get asked to do quite a few a week
PLEASE SEE WAITING LIST SECTION (on main page towards the bottom)
SEE THE ABOUT ME SECTION to find out more about my experiences and abilities


SEE THE DISCLAIMER SECTION (main page towards the bottom)

you may have a little bit of a wait for your reading as i have to fit it round my photography,my paranormal group,my illness and also i have to share my computer with my son who has college studying to do,thanks for your patience and understanding

ABOUT MY ILLNESS….. I have an illness that means I am bed bound a lot and not up to doing readings,so please appreciate that there may be a wait, my illness affects my brain at times so that means I have to wait til I am “clear headed” if I find that I am not able to get your reading done within a month then you will not be charged

I AM NOW HAVING TO CHARGE FOR MOST READINGS,this is because i have been doing them free for years and now feel that i am at the right stage to charge (i do not charge alot compared to some psychics)
the only thing i do not charge for is unsolved crime readings,i have helped out with an unsolved murder in Canada and believe that i should not charge for that kind of reading
but for the rest i do need to make a little bit of money,since i dont charge for the paranormal investigating and that is expensive


(apart from unsolved crime ones which are free)a reading (any kind of psychic reading from photograph, including location readings and past life readings,personality readings )
is£25(in comparison to most psychics who charge anything from £30-80 !!)
£15if you are in reciept of benefits (i will require proof)a spiritual dream interpretation is £8if you need a reading done by email then you will need to contact me to find out how to send a postal order / money order if out of the country
and you will need to pay upfront for that, I cannot do your reading until the money you send me has “cleared” in my bank
i have to collect payments this way until i set up a paypal,sorry for any inconvenience
if i have to travel more than 10 miles to do a reading then there will be extra travel costs which will be added,usually about £10 (because i dont drive i have to pay someone else to bring me !!)

if you have to travel more than 10 miles if having a reading at my home then i will deduct £10 from your reading

thanks for your understanding


contact me for further details or to book a reading
readings . by . eevee @


after studying these for 18 months i can now do them so if you want one they cost
£12for a basic moon horoscope
£25for a moon and other planets in depth horoscope
i will need your date of birth and time you were born (if possible) if you dont know the exact time and only know AM or PM thats alright,if you dont have any idea at all it doesnt matter but wont be as in depth

I now do moon horoscopes with a bit of a numerology reading included these cost
£35(they are very in depth) I will eventually be doing numerology readings on their own
NEW…“carrochi” card readings, these are better done in person but I can do them with the aid of your photograph
what is carrochi ?

 Carrochi Astro-Fable Cards

Nice little card system which operates a bit differently from tarot. Has one set of cards featuring astrology symbols and headings such as Love, Career, Money, Family, Home, Health and Travel, and another set featuring pictures and keywords. There are two extra cards included which feature the instructions for the set.

they are very accurate


NEW…rune readings, better done in person but I can do them with the aid of a photograph

3 RUNE BASIC READING : action/ challenge / overview


IN DEPTH RUNE READING: (three lifetimes spread)

future incarnation/ future in this life/ present/birth and childhood /past incarnation


THE RUNIC CROSS READING : new situation/ challenge/future/past/you now/ foundation



THE FIVE RUNE SPREAD : overview/challenge/action/ sacrifice/new situation




I have given presentations regarding my paranormal work and how to investigate, I use real life cases from my paranormal group files and have photos, evps and video to illustrate and liven up the presentation

I can teach psychic development to groups

I have a teaching qualification

I charge £50-£100 for a presentation ,depending on how long it is for, and for how many people (plus travel expenses if more than 20 miles away)


these are £10for a two hour class, I can teach up to 6 people (£10 per person) travel costs to be discussed, i.e if you come to me I will deduct some money, if I come to you and it is further than 10 miles away I will need to charge travel expenses

I do not do “spells” or “hexes” on people !!! I am not into black witchcraft, so please do not ask, I do not do exorcisms although I can try “spirit rescue” which would require me visiting your home…..
….so If you have paranormal problems in your home, feel free to contact me to discuss it : ) I can offer “protection” advice but it is usually best to let me and my team investigate to come to a conclusion (if you are in the UK)


I will be revising my price list soon and adding a lot more new methods,so the list above is not totally accurate but gives a rough idea, email me for more info

I can now take payments via my paypal account