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Lookalike vase !

Posted in indigo kids, lookalikes, psychic finds on June 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I did my usual and was “drawn” to a charity shop…..

I found this vintage style vase and cannot believe how much it looks like my grand daughter !!

In fact one of my friends thought I had got a photo of her printed onto it !!

I always said my grand daughter looks 1920s !

But this amazed me 🙂

If you have seen videos of my grand daughter when she was about three you will see it immediately ,I don’t have a close enough photo on my tablet unfortunately but you get the rough idea

UPDATE I showed her the vase today

And she had her natural curls today like the vase girl,even she could see the similarity

So not only does she looks like the “BlackBerry picker” painting I have ,but now this (I have blogs about that in the past life section)

Psychic finds : Raven /wizards/undertaker pictures

Posted in psychic finds on June 5, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Ive been depressed lately so hubby took me out charity shop hunting, i picked a random town and the first shop I tried I found a toy raven, I didn’t really look at it properly, just grabbed it and gave it to him to pay for while I went on to the next shop,I’ve been looking for a soft toy raven for a few years !

When I got home I couldn’t believe it, it’s a souvenir from the tower of London,only on the 30th of may I said this on my Facebook

That cuddly toy probably is Merlina as she is the most popular raven there.

Talking of merlina /merlin /wizards I then found this game

Then saw this motorcycle

I then went to my favourite junk yard because I was looking for one of those big plastic 1970s garden swans ,they didn’t have one but I found these :

Bad pic ….they are really old undertakers advertising pictures ,yes they are morbid but I love them,so unusual !! Not sure how old they are but possibly Victorian judging by the age of the nails and the wood used as the backing of the frames, framing is not done like that anymore.

I got them really cheap because they have some water damage.

No I don’t think they are haunted or bad luck before anyone asks,they are actually the least likely things to be haunted, but I will smudge them just in case.

I was not expecting to find these at all but I am always on the lookout for strange and curious items and I was about to walk out of the junk yard after picking up some books but something drew me back and made me look behind an old bookshelf,and there they were !!

Do not share/re blog/reproduce please

More witches butterflies and more psychic finds

Posted in ancestors, animals, butterflies, coincidences, crystals, psychic finds, witches butterfly on May 6, 2017 by Psychic eevee

These have been coming into my life a lot lately (if you go to the index on the right hand side of the main page and look under “witches butterflies” you will find more blogs)

I havent written the blog yet but just recently we went somewhere for me to do a photo project and a witches butterfly followed me on quite a long walk down a country path,stopping in front of me a few times as if it was checking on me,when we got to the location it vanished

I had a week of depression last week,hubby offered to take me out to do my favourite thing,charity shop hunting,I was in bed and said no,but half an hour later I got a sudden urge to go to a particular town and lo and behold I got lots of things I wanted (remember, you never know what charity shops will have!)

One thing I came across was this

Not only does it have a witches butterfly on it (as mentioned on previous blogs; my ancestors in the Scottish highlands saw red admiral or any red butterflies as witches) but it also has Lillie’s on it which are my favourite flower,my downstairs bathroom has a lily theme

These are the other psychic finds :

You will see from the blog when I have written it that my photo project was to do with sacred stones

We live in East Anglia ,and the sacred stones we went to are local

These lovely hard back books were only £1 each

We wanted a tool kit for our grandson and found this HUGE one

I was overjoyed to find this set of crystal pyramids because I have one and it is chipped, these cost only 99p for the set of three !!

Have I got my hands on a fortune ?

Posted in bolan, bowie, coincidences, psychic finds on February 4, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I collect stuff from charity shops,I find things at landfill or in skips, my aunt is the same,my gran who I never met used to own a second hand stall in the east end of London,I guess that’s where we both get our “magpie” personalities from.

Yesterday I was at my aunts and she asked if we could dispose of some rubbish for her, amongst it was a painting, I thought it was hideous and then noticed it looked like Paul McCartney, I am not a Beatles fan,neither is my aunt (I only like john Lennon) the painting has come away from the frame but its not actually damaged.I thought I could make use of the frame…

Then I noticed the signature


Its a good job I know my artists !

I do not like Lowry’s work, I never understood how he got so famous,he was most famous for his industrial scenes, I remember the song about him painting “matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs”

Now this painting I have is highly likely to be a fake ,someone was caught selling fake Lowry’s on eBay BUT they were the industrial scenes, in fact,no one knew about Lowry’s “marionette” heads until after his death

I found some online and they are very similar, especially the lips in this one

He painted them in oils on wood which is what the painting I have is.

He used only certain colours which seems to be the case with the painting I have

Then you could knock me down with a feather when I found this :

We are in Cambridgeshire ! So not too much of a stretch to somehow find a mislaid painting ?

I then realised that like most of my life there are lots of coincidences !

That morning I was showing hubby a new Stevie Rik’s (comedian) video,he was doing the Beatles and oasis 

Oasis which was my favourite band when I met hubby had an video using Lowry like images.

Terry Gilliam wrote labyrinth

My son worked with the singer of manic street preachers

Bowie turned down a knighthood as did Lowry

That morning we were watching a documentary about what happened to Marc Bolans millions

Marc Bolan was obsessed with a Magritte painting called September 16 ,Its of a sycamore tree at dawn with a crescent moon,he died on sept 16 when his car hit a sycamore tree at dawn during a crescent moon phase (I was talking to my aunt about that ,never spoken to her about Bolan before !)

Cilla black was a friend of the Beatles

I nearly died of pneumonia, I got to my aunts…she has pneumonia, I had to give her a lecture about going to the doctors

Also known as his “marionette” heads,could the painting I have be one of them ?

I didn’t know he had done this creepy painting, I have seen spirits like this

The marionette works were only found after his death which means they are probably more important than his other works

The signature is very close but of course it could be a fake

Lowry’s works have sold at Sotheby’s,I recently bought a Sotheby’s souvenir of Bowie’s art collection that was there,I am trying to find out if he owned any of Lowry’s work 


Lots of bowie tributes at “the Lowry” !!

A really bad fake Lowry.

So,my next step is to photograph it properly and get it looked at initially,probably by the Lowry musuem, if its a fake then unbelievably some people still knowingly buy fakes.if it is of Paul McCartney a fan still may want to buy it ,if its real,well my aunt is going to be rich ! I have not told her as I don’t want to get her hopes up.

You see things like this all the time on “antiques roadshow” someone has found something worth a lot of money in a skip or attic.

One More thing,Lowry did a painting called Piccadilly circus, we were there only a few weeks back on our Bowie/Bolan pilgrimage

I had not been to my aunt since about 14th Jan and actually was not going to go til next week but “something” made me go there, if I had not gone,that painting would of been smashed up and in landfill by now.

I have a few other things I have come across in charity shops that are probably worth money that I need to get appraised ,but I want to get a collection together and take them to london ,not just a local auction house


Posted in animals, birds, Goddess Athena /Minerva, gods and goddesses, owls, psychic finds on November 20, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Its strange how you can get drawn to something for years and not know why,

This is particularly weird because I am scared of statues (yes,even though I specialise in graveyard photography and lots of graveyards have statues)

My very first day at photography college I did a photo of a statue in the college grounds,it is a replica of the statue on the town hall roof

My college photo way back in 2000

The one on the town hall

I was not Pagan then and I was still terrified of birds ,so I was certainly not an owl fan !

When I became Pagan I learnt about Athena and her little owl

Then I discovered the owl is my power animal, this is a little owl,at the bird of prey sanctuary my husband volunteers at,their Latin name is Athena noctua

My grand daughter meeting a little owl with my hubby

My husband psychically found this in a charity shop

Very like the one I stumbled upon on Google

I psychically found this one

Typically found on Greek coins

A typical Greek tourist ornament.
So it seems I was meant to be Pagan,I was meant to have the owl as my power animal and maybe Athena should be my personal Goddess alongside Goddess Freya !
I do not approve that the Athena statue in town doesnt have an owl though !