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I have been so busy being unwell  that I totally forgot about this !!

what we believe to be an almost full apparition of a caped old man or woman holding a staff

I was not actually “ghost hunting” at the time, I was doing part of my photography project where I hang out of the car window

to get blurred landscapes or lights

this particular road near us is very haunted and we have seen and photographed many things along there

this one is maybe one of the best so far apart from a strange beast like thing that is probably the owner of the best noise we recorded that photo is in our archives and I will dig it out when I get time, but the videos are on my private facebook

I did “sense” an old woman at the time but did not actually see her in front of me, I saw her in my “minds eye” I usually see spirits in “negative” form, probably because I am a photographer, but I did not expect to photograph her

I do not have time to go into the whole history of our area but some of you know about the weird story of us ending up living in this village that has the tragic history of three innocents, an old man, his old wife and their daughter being hung as witches, coming here was obviously for a reason as I have become Wiccan (a white witch) myself since we moved here, it was like the “witches” wanted someone here who would understand them, odder still my son ended up living opposite the old prison where they were held, the cells that were in the basement are still there and can be seen through barred windows at ground level, then can you believe it he moved to a new home which has a lovely view of the common that they were hung on, we investigated a pub that had links to Cromwell, Lady Cromwell was instrumental in having the “witches ” hung, we investigated Cromwells old mansion and I photographed his face clear as day in a third floor window ! the pub had gates that used to belong to the prison,

there are many other links to but to cut a very long story short , I believe this to be the apparition of a “witch” not a demonic black witch as the family were accused of being but simply the old lady who dressed in capes to keep out the cold, used a staff as a walking stick and brewed up herbal potions, in the past she would of walked that road to get to the main town from the village and in fact was first accosted on that road and accused of witchcraft,





this photo was taken in the summer of last year, as a qualified photographer I have ruled out all “normal” explanations that I can and what jumps out at me immediately is although the photo is blurred , because like I say I was in a moving car she appears to be without motion blur, therefore telling me she is not simply part of the natural motion blur, she is standing still

of course it may just be pareidolia ( which is where our brains are wired to recognise faces out of busy visuals, usually seen in brick walls ,mirrors with smudges, trees, reflections of trees in windows and even wallpaper) in which case it is just a cool illusion but my psychic senses say otherwise

it may be that you do not see what I see, I have shown this to various people and only one could not see it, for some people these apparitions literally JUMP out of photos of them, sometimes these apparitions show themselves only to psychics or people they think they can trust to look into their history

much like the often sighted grey women at mansions and castles she may well fade over time, like when you play a video over and over or have an old photograph that fades, many of these “grey” ladies have been spirits for centuries, they start out being seen in colour , then say another 100 years they fade some more til they are black ladies, then another hundred years and they are seen as grey, some more years white, some more years transparent, til they are no longer seen again, these hauntings are classed as cyclic or stone tape hauntings, theory has it that the walls of buildings particularly old ones somehow record visions and replay back to people sensitive enough to see them, these spirits are not usually “intelligent” and are usually seen doing the same thing all the time,,,just like a video, they do not react to anyone trying to communicate, over time, just like a video tape they eventually wear themselves out, so it could well be that if I see this woman again she will have faded ! a lot of people do not believe that graveyards are haunted, they believe that it is the least likely place to find spirits, well my team have reams and reams of evidence in graveyards ,even during the day that prove other wise and I think they specifically go to their head stones in the hopes that someone sensitive will come along, head stone=stone tape theory ? in our experience when they have spoken they are usually happy and keen to communicate or they go there hoping to see their loved ones if they visit the gravesite,

we proved that you can actually record evps of living people when they move out, we did thorough tests with this when one of our investigators who lived next door to me moved out and left the keys with me,I recorded his voice, his dog, him coming through the door at the time he usually got home etc and we even recorded through the letter box of another neighbour who had gone to prison, we recorded her saying exactly what she had said to me the day before ! and it was definitely her as she had an unusual accent, spookily enough when I tested my investigators house I actually recorded the sound of ME crying !! I had been crying in the house earlier in the day because I was sad he was leaving, well I know for a fact that I am not a spirit, I decided to call this “living residual evp” and emailed Ciaran O Keeffe about it, we had not seen that kind of experiment done before, we were using emf meters with lights to communicate with spirits about 20 years ago, and using dogs , way before “most haunted” “ghosthunters/taps” or “ghost adventures” I was idiot enough not to officially copyright our experiments and our first website is gone although I do have dated discs etc, with my living residual experiment I wondered how many people hearing “spirits” in their homes were actually just hearing stone tape recordings of previous tenants ! people in high emotional states can leave their recording in their homes, so people reporting hearing ghosts crying or screaming could well be picking up on the residuals of the previous tenants when they had a fight about something ?? kind of intriguing !!

another experiment I did was the 30 day evp experiment where I recorded every night at the same time in my house, night by night the voices got stronger, and on the very last night I totally forgot, I jumped out of bed cursing myself then laughed later when I heard a clear as day evp saying “go back to bed”

one of our other experiments was to get up the trust of a female murder victim by her gravestone, she was murdered by her boyfriend and obviously did not trust men so I did not take any male investigators with me, it was just myself and another woman, over a few months she learnt to trust us and rewarded us with showing herself as a full apparition on 35,mm which was brilliant for us because it meant we had negatives to prove no photo shop foolery, she was wearing the exact clothes of her era,

we have done some fascinating stuff over the years and I truly hope to get well enough to rebuild the website, we got so much evidence from various places that it was amazing, when these tv shows get excited to get an evp that says “hello” I know just how lucky I am that I often get sentences and even have spirits correcting me at times ! I seem to be an evp magnet, probably because I have the medical condition hypercasis which means my hearing is five times better than most people

also I have to say how annoyed I get when those para groups on tv insist on doing investigations in the dark through night vision all the time, of course people are going to see /hear things, it is the psychology of darkness, and when one person sees something fright and excitement travels round the group with the power of suggestion ! much like chinese whispers, we have had some of our very best evidence during the day, especially at places like air bases, well of course you are more likely to capture something at a place like that during the day, when people who are now spirits would of been working , if they do not know they are dead then they will continue to exist there and think they are still working, if you go there at night then probably all you will get is a sleeping ghost ! we always do day AND night investigations and we NEVER do just one, you cannot come to a conclusion after one visit, my whole office which is actually the biggest room in the house is wall to wall with case files, tapes,discs,videos, I am a stickler for documenting EVERYTHING, we never know when we may get called back or if another team asks what we gathered as evidence, some of our cases have ended up being three huge lever arch files, my initial visit with clients involves a two hour interview, which goes into all sorts of things such as medical conditions, by the end of that I can usually guess what is going on and 8/10 there is no haunting at all and it is nice to see the clients relieved that they are dealing with something environmental for example and not spooks in the night,

we also use old equipment ,we do not feel the need to buy the fanciest gadgets, some of the best “ghost hunters” in history used just a tape recorder, notepad and camera, a lot of the new fangled cameras have things filtered out that basically ruin what we NEED to see, we are old fashioned in our approach but it works for us, we never take lots of unknown people with us, you never know what they have dabbled in and 30 people all flashing off cameras at once is just going to give you lens flare “apparitions” , lots of people stomping about is going to give you dust “orbs” and lots of people whispering are just going to give you false evps, I like to keep my team small, spirits tend to trust smaller groups

anyway, I shall waffle no further, I just thought it was a bout time I did a post about the paranormal on here until I get the website and all the archives back up and running,we have so much stuff that it will take me at least six months and right now I am too ill : (

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS AROUND AS IT IS GOING TO BE IN MY BOOK, IF YOU WANT TO USE IT PLEASE ASK FOR PERMISSION BECAUSE JUST RECENTLY I FOUND ONE OF MY THEORIES IN A PARANORMAL BOOK AND THE AUTHOR DID NOT MENTION ME !!! it was about a so called ghost penguin being seen walking a street, I immediately pointed out to the website (which was a paranormal database..and yes I do have the email that I sent them) that I thought it more likely to be a plague doctor, they wore masks like beaks full of herbs so they did not have to smell the rotten stench and in those days they wore black capes ,which in the half light could be mistaken for folded down wings I guess, so that is why I am not keen on people sharing my work without asking me first and crediting my name, I am disabled now so actually just sitting here writing this takes a lot out of me

you can read more about the witches in the “witches” link on the main page

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On Saturday 27 we had dropped our son back home after his London gig and my husband and I were travelling down a dark country lane in a village near to ours, there is a bit of a dangerous bend in the road, we had our windows wide open due to the heat and it was totally silent because it was just past midnight, we heard this really loud horn noise, it was so loud it made us jump and we both yelled “wtf is that” there were no cars around and no houses, the sound was right next to my side of the car, I realised that it sounded like one of those very first cars and it was honking to warn us of the bend, it seemed to me like a residual g
haunting i.e sounds from the past being played back.Maybe someone died on that bend and wanted us to slow down !! it is a real shame that we did not see a ghost car

this photo from an advert that is being played a lot lately is kind of like the car I mean (the one on the left)