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Posted in psychic pupils and classes with tags on August 16, 2008 by Psychic eevee

Tonight was interesting,i taught my first psychic class ! it was for a young woman whose house i investigated last year,i concluded with her case that the paranormal stuff she was experiencing was due to the fact that she was pregnant at the time and this can be a common time for women to discover that they are psychic,i suggested that the activity would tail off when her baby was born and it did,but it left her with an interest in developing her psychic abilities so she asked me to teach her,tested her with the zener / E.S.P cards and showed her how to use a pendulum and she picked it up really well,i was pleased with her,funnily enough when we were sitting there discussing spirit contact we both heard a woman in the hall way as clear as day saying “what are you doing in there ? ” the young woman was very happy to hear this as she usually only hears mumbling,it was the clearest thing she has ever heard.
On discussing things with her it seems she has been psychic since a young age but not realised (her little brother also seems to have the ability,i also investigated his house) she had an imaginary friend as a child and i explained that in my opinion imaginary friends of children are actually spirits and as the child grows older the imaginary friend vanishes along with the sixth sense that children have because they do not fear it,it is up to us when we are older to reawaken this,and that is where you get psychics from,its not unusual to be psychic,we are all born that way and we just lose it over time and with the help of all the distractions of the modern world !
I could quite get into this teaching psychic ability thing and some people are more comfortable with one to one teaching than going to a development circle,i am only too happy to help and its not that much different from teaching people how to investigate the paranormal which i have been doing for years anyway,i have a teaching certificate from when i was a dental health educator (i taught in junior schools) and basically teaching is teaching,no matter what it is about
Have left her to practice with the E.S.P cards and will test her again to see if there is any improvement after she has had a go at meditating.

bhaynes24053 wrote on Aug 25, ’08
Glad your first teaching lesson went well. I do better one on one as well..I am sure you are correct about some people learn better not being in a crowd.