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Bolan and the ark coincidence

Posted in bolan, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on August 11, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Remember this blog ?

Well this has to be one of the weirdest coincidences yet.

The grandchildren are still fighting over that toy so I have decided to give it to a CHARITY shop, not because I think it is haunted,its not,they just for some reason like to fight over it….

Anyway ,last night I discovered a new Marc Bolan website I have never seen before and saw this 

I could not believe what I was seeing, I was so surprised that I woke my poor husband up just to show him.

I am always giving to charity or buying from charity shops so could Marc have been directing me towards this charity that is in his name that I knew nothing about !?

Now that I know I bet the fighting will stop.

Another coincidence is that I once lived in the London borough of Barnet.

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More stuff with Bowie pictures ! (And Bolan joined in)

Posted in bolan, bowie, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on August 7, 2017 by Psychic eevee

The other day (5 Aug) I noticed my Ziggy album cover picture had moved

That is wedged in tight behind the unit and hung on a nail ,no one can knock it (may I add that I have tons of pictures in my living room not just Bowie ones,I have lots of owl ones,family pictures and lots of my photographic work but its only ever the Bowie ones that move !)….so I looked up if the date was important to Bowie

Yes ,it was the anniversary of his dad passing.

Tonight my digital photo frame that has pictures of legendary passed on rock stars in it because I seem to be the rock stars medium !!(unfortunately I keep most of my contact sessions on my private Facebook and it’s not just Bowie and Bolan who contact me)

Kept freezing on pictures of only Bowie and Bolan despite there being lots of other rock star pictures in it.

I didn’t think much of it and decided to catch up on some TV programmes I had recorded,I was going to watch some ghost programmes but changed my mind and randomly picked an episode of “horrible histories” which is a kids programme that hubby and I are addicted to πŸ™‚ its actually really hilarious 

It was about artists, they have changed the way they do the programme,it used to be a mix of subjects and I didn’t know until I turned it on tonight that it is now one subject per episode

My frame stuck on a Bowie pic


Bowies song Andy warhol

Bowie playing Warhol

Mime artist

Bowie studied mime

Pablo Picasso

Bowies song Pablo Picasso

Jackson Pollock

Bowie wearing Pollock print

My frame frozen on a Bolan picture

Rene Magritte

There is a whole series of videos on YouTube about Marc predicting his own death,one of the prophecies is that he became addicted to Magritte’s painting titled “September 16th”

What is eerie about that is that Marc died on September 16th, the moon was in the same phase and his car hit a sycamore tree ! The same tree as in the painting, the painting is of dawn time,he died at dawn.

Its Marc’s 40th anniversary this September.

No offence to Bowie but if he was trying to get me to like the same art as him its not going to work ! I didn’t like his taste in art at all

…..but I did like Magritte’s “Sept 16th” in fact I have a copy

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Stop moving my pictures David !!! (seems he was actually looking after me)

Posted in bowie, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on July 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

You may remember this blog ,where I explain how impossible it is for things to move on this unit

Well yesterday I was at home alone doing some sorting out of the kitchen which is next to this room and as I walked through the door this picture of Bowie almost launched itself off the unit at me and landed strangely balanced half on top of the unit and the door, the door had been open wide like that all day.I just heard a noise above me that made me jump and saw that !

How that didn’t slip off and smash I have no idea.!!

We have already tested how easy it is for things to fall off that unit (as mentioned in previous blog) we have deliberately pushed the door into it hard, we have jumped up and down on the floor in front of it,nothing falls…that picture of Bowie has been there since he died.

He normally moves the one I have near the TV which is a photo that really looks like he is staring at you lol

So ,I looked up if the date was important to him:

I wanted to go and see that but was not well at the time !!

We did see the Duffy photos on our Bowie Bolan pilgrimage day though

I have the programme from that exhibition in that unit !!

If you look closely you will see I have a set of those photos on my wall because they are my most favourite pics of Bowie !

I did a quick text spirit box (where instead if speaking they choose text words out of a database that come up on a screen) after and asked him why he did that ,he said





so ? His reason was because i was working too quick ? (Something hubby tells me off for because I always end up in a relapse) and I should level/pace myself ? and have a sit down !

Isn’t that nice ,seems he was looking out for me while hubby was not home ❀

Well it worked because I took a break after that.


it was my spine that was seizing up,later on I saw this appear on my Facebook feed which made me smile 

A Bowie flash lol

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The finger coincidence….Bowie is that you lol ?

Posted in bowie, coincidences, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on July 10, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I’ve got a weird kind of eczema on my hands ,its called pomphylx and is brought on by the sun,its got infected….
​This is hilarious, on the way to the docs about my finger hubby stopped at a vending machine to get two bouncy balls for the grandkids and this ,what I assume is a kids wrist band came out first ,it fits my finger perfect and has a nice star on it ,shame its not a black star then I could say Bowie was helping me πŸ˜‰ love #coincidences #ziggystardust #bowielove

 was watching Bowie vids before I left the house and in “starman” he points his finger haha (don’t forget our grand daughter has been singing “star man” with her pink guitar since she was three and I sent the video to a bowie fan page !)

(Image from google search)

And its his right hand too πŸ˜‰

The lyrics to “rock and roll suicide” that I was also listening to and totally forgot it mentioned “finger”

And of course,who can forget this :


oooh he may have been trying to get my attention, just spotted these on Facebook ! And he does use weird ways of making himself known.

As you can see,I noticed this after I posted about the finger thing…it is his grandsons first birthday, he has mentioned his grandson on spirit box before ❀ note the star in the picture ! So we were getting something for our grandson,something came out of the machine that immediately reminded me of Bowie,I then find out it is his grandsons birthday….spirits sure work in mysterious ways.


(Found this at one of my spiritual times 1:11)

Mural in Australia, I didn’t know about this one

This is probably totally irrelevant but I feel I need to post it incase it is a symbolic message for me,we have something legal coming up,so I just need to log this here !

From a strange blog comparing Bowie to Marvel characters !

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Poltergeist activity courtesy of Marc ! ;)

Posted in bolan, paranormal, paranormal our house, poltergeist, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on May 26, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Last night Marc Bolan made himself known to us again…

I have dough models that I made of Bolan and Bowie,they have been sitting on top of a very solid oak bookcase for about a year, I made them specifically with their legs at a certain angle so they wouldn’t fall and break because dough models are notoriously breakable

Here’s the Bolan one with its legs quite far apart to make it stable, this was photographed in the kitchen when I had just finished making it,I then moved it to the bookcase,where it stayed and has sat quite happily since then.

The bookcase is so solid you can’t even wobble it if you knock it.

Even if you could ,the first thing to fall would be the framed pictures

The models were behind the frames

And I had situated them behind the stands of the frames to make them more stable

So the Bolan statue was tucked right behind where the arrow is pointing

We were watching a programme about giants and I said to hubby “how rude ,basically they are saying anyone under 5 foot 5 is a hobbit, so that’s me and Marc Bolan then”

At that exact moment the Bolan statue launched itself off the bookcase narrowly missing hubby !

I don’t think it was because Marc was offended ,he loved hobbits and was nicknamed “the boppin elf” I feel he threw it as a joke.

I wasn’t amused that the statue nearly hit hubby though and was broken

Hubby was sitting just under the “w” on my Bowie wall art.

So that statue had to have jumped over the stand of the frame,managing not to take the frame with it !!! Kind of difficult

Now missing an arm and leg and waiting to be fixed. And its had plenty of opportunity to have fallen before and taken the frames with it when the grandkids have been running round the living room,but nothing has ever fallen off that bookcase,not even the tiny silver wooden frames you can see

We started wondering if it was an important date for Marc,this morning I looked it up and found this :

So,it was the last ever gig for T Rex before Marc died that year !!

Also….after we watched the giants programme last night we watched a paranormal investigation programme set in SWEDEN !


another similar episode

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