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Various kinds of astrology

Posted in celtic birth trees, celtic moon astrology, coincidences, duck, native american astrology, western astrology on August 19, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Most of us know what our western astrological sign is,I am Capricorn,

It wasn’t until I turned pagan that I learnt some other kinds of astrology and I was not surprised that I had been drawn to certain things for YEARS ! In fact most of my life

I have always loved birch trees

That is my Celtic astrology sign

Note also the stag on that chart !

I’ve been getting stag things for years and making stag art such as these pictures, I just assumed that was due to my Scottish highlands heritage

I love waterfowl ,as you know I have a pet duck, she is almost as big as a goose ! (In fact a few people cannot believe the size of my duck and have even said “are you sure that is not a goose “)I just discovered my Native American sign is the snow goose, incidentally she is named Willow because we got her around the time of my husbands birthday and his Celtic sign is the willow tree

The theme in my kitchen for the last ten years has been ducks and geese

I am not actually like a typical Capricorn but I am VERY like a snow goose !
Chinese astrology is confusing,depending on what you read I am either ” the pig” (I collected pig ornaments as a little child) or “the rat” I have had pet rats since I was a teenager although I don’t have any at the moment
Picture credits :deviant art /google search/consult the sage / spirit animal. Com