Really unwell

Sorry for the lack of posts,I have been really unwell for a week,I may have something that I had before which was a strange brain infection /virus that affected my brain,I really hope not because I was extremely unwell with that for over a year !! I am awaiting blood test results. I will apologise […]

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The foo fighters coincidence

Foo fighters have been my favourite band for years,I saw them live in 2005 at earls Court, I must admit though to having started listening to other music in the last few years and not really being up to date with them . I saw an article posted on Facebook about their latest video and […]

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Health and desperation !

There are serious concerns about my health at the moment,I have a lot of chronic conditions, I often have more than one thing going on at once (in fact there is not one day goes by when i dont have something )and I normally grit my teeth through it all,but never have I has this […]

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