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Posted in aliens and UFOs, BLACK EYED KIDS, paranormal on January 5, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Not much freaks me out,having dealt with almost every kind of paranormal phenomena going but these “black eyed kids” really are spooky and I believe we met some, thankfully at a distance..

It was daytime on a school day and I went with two of my investigators to our favourite terrifying derelict airbase, as we were walking up the road towards it we could hear what sounded like army practice going on,although the place has been derelict for 20 yes it is still sometimes used,oh damn,I thought,we will have to come back another day, but we carried on walking towards the location,oddly when we arrived at the gates the noise stopped, we thought nothing of it apart from,oh good not a wasted journey…we looked through the fence and saw four or five children, that annoyed us too as we did not want kids running about and ruining our investigation ! We just watched them for a few minutes hoping they would get bored and leave,they had their backs to us and although they were playing there was no sound,as I raised my camera they all turned round in unison,I was not going to take their picture as I do not photograph unknown children,I guess I wanted them to think we were security guards to scare them off as it really is not a safe place to be for adults,let alone kids, we got a better look at them,they seemed to be aged about seven and should of been at school !! All the village kids know how dangerous that place is,we noted that they all seemed to be in clothing from the early 1990s (this was about 2009) and all had hoodies on,one seemed to be a girl,all seemed to have deep eye socket areas (they were quite far away) I raised my camera again and they all glared in unison,”give me your camera” the girl shouted in an adult voice,I decided then to squeeze through the gate and follow them hoping to let them know that asbestos, falling masonry and huge holes were dangerous,as we all walked toward them they giggled and ran off,we saw where they went and we went into the same building

We could hear them running around the level above us and I feared that there would be an accident, so I went to find the stairs,it was then that I realised there was only one floor in the building ! The building has all its windows and doors missing,the two people with me were keeping a look out, they had vanished and there was no way they could of got away without one of us seeing them,we noted also there were no small foot prints in the mud where the children had been,at the time I did not know anything about “black eyed kids” if I had I would of taken a photo to see if they appeared on it !!

I have a theory as to what they are which fits in with them being seen at an air base but as usual I am saving that for the book I am writing


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