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Modern Burial barrow: Pagan point of view & psychic reading

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The other weekend we went to visit a modern burial barrow,one of the first to be built in the UK,the owner kindly let me hang around to take photos for my graves and monument website (I have not edited my proper photography yet)

What is unusual about this is that it is not actually for burials like the barrows in Neolithic times were, this is for cremation ashes, personally I have a huge aversion towards cremation ūüė¶ so cannot see myself wanting to end up here but it is a truly beautiful place and you can be any religion ,the man who owns it is Christian but he said any religion can use it and any ceremonies can be carried out there as long as they are respectful, so I approve of that.

He was interested to see what I made of it as a wiccan and psychic

This location is amazing ,it took only six stone masons five months ,BY HAND ,to make and only the six monoliths at the front are fixed in place, the rest of the stones are just stacked !

With the sentinel monolith stone guarding it,anyway let’s start at the beginning….

First we stopped in the car to have a cup a soup lunch,I was hoping the rosemary cracker’s would make me more psychic

It is tucked away in a lovely peaceful countryside location where you hear only birdsong,its a short walk from the carpark,we found an old barn with old farm equipment

Would love this old wagon for my garden

People out hiking in the flat “fens”

A lovely wooded area

Complete with fairy bridge

I couldn’t believe it…a witches butterfly followed me all the way there ! (See other witches butterflies blogs)

Then another wiccan sign…a moon gazey hare came running directly at us !! Have never seen one that close before

Due to my beliefs in the Goddess /mother earth,I saw the shape of this as a pregnant woman,and that the passed on people would go in here to be reincarnated …”from womb to tomb to womb” the inside is circular,like infinity, the circle of life,the circle of reincarnation. The shape was motherly and welcoming, not gloomy and morbid,I preferred its shape to the more common long barrow

Trust me ,these photos do not do it justice !! These are just camfone snaps, when I have edited my proper photography I will add a link

The square niches are for the urns,they are finished with stone covers that can be personalised,I didn’t take photos of the finished ones out of respect to the families.

I did not get a snap of the ceiling but it is round,giving it even more of an appearance of a pregnant woman in my opinion.

I should imagine this will attract bats and all sorts of animals but that will just add to the atmosphere ūüôā

Some beautiful hand felted urns.

Hubby with the man who owns it -he was fascinating to talk to,very friendly and educational.

Blowing out the candles

I helped to blow the candles out which was quite an honour.

In darkness …from glorious and atmospheric to silent and somber.

When it is all lit up ,it is the most peaceful place, not at all depressing or sad,you feel only happiness at the lives remembered here.

Although you can see your breath, it is not cold !!

It is not at all “spooky” you could spend hours in here lost in thought meditating and I imagine the acoustics would be awesome for singing or playing musical instruments.

Wherever you walk you find light,because it comprises two circular areas ,kind of a metaphor to me for spirits finding their way to the next life.

The contrast of blue and yellow stone really is spectacular in the candle light,the owner let me keep some for my rock collection ūüôā although the barrow is modern,the stones are not.

My psychic feeling here was of being transported rapidly back in time to my ancestors in the Hebrides and my Celtic ancestors in Ireland,I saw also my Norse heritage,I didn’t pick up on any spirits of anyone who had been interred in the barrow,I am kind of glad about that,I think it shows they are truly at peace.

I did see two cloaked guardians standing on top of the barrow ,they were holding “stangs” (two pronged wooden staffs) and got the word “Iceni” they were a tribe in these parts

I got the names “Oleb ” and “Cajeb”

I saw also a woman in tattered clothes gathering lavender (of which there actually wasn’t any at the site ) she was in the small wooded area to the left and kept looking furtively around,she had a withered arm and I was given the name Molly Passill,I don’t know if she was stealing the lavender or one of those sad unfortunates accused of witchcraft,she didnt mind me looking but when she saw my husband glance in her direction she vanished,she was followed by a big Irish wolfhound type dog and a boy aged about 7 who wore nothing more than a dirty shawl round him,the name given for him was Edwin…no surname,do not know if they were related.but I feel they were true “heathens” =heath dwellers.

I smelt bonfire smoke ,there were no fires that I could see.

I was more fascinated in the sentinel stone,

I felt very drawn to this and although it could probably be put down to pareidolia I saw things in it ,looking like a cave painting I saw an upside down sort of half cat/half dog animal :front half cat,back half dog,which I believe is the sites power animal.

I also saw a side profile of a bearded Druid like man,he was wearing some sort of band across his forehead and the words “Hawthorne harvest” jumped out.! Hawthorne is a protective plant to Pagans and I feel that if some isn’t planted around the site then it will appear naturally and MUST NOT be cut down !

On pointing out the animal figure to everyone they also saw it but that of course can be down to the power of suggestion !

However, I was very fascinated that a Christian lady said she could see something with antlers in the sentinel stone ,and I said that with our beliefs that would be seen as Cernunnos,the nature God ! And seeing him must mean he approved and is protecting the site.

I had asked previously by email if this barrow had been specifically built on a ley line as it would have been originally ,I was told no,but I bet that without knowing it ,it actually is on one and a very strong one too (I shall look into that)

Despite this being a modern barrow and for people of all religions there is no getting away from the fact that Pagans still watch over these important sacred stones and monuments,it doesn’t matter if they are Neolithic or made last year !



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hello my dear, here is your house reading, I have been very accurate with these in the past if you check out my website but as I have spent a night in hospital with my brain wired up recently I do not know what it has done to my brain !! so this is mainly a test for me to see if my psychic signals still work
I write EXACTLY as it comes to me, so it may look jumbled, I would appreciate if you could let me know if anything is correct
the site of a poor house/ work house or Victorian St Barnados childrens home nearby
unexploded bombs, possibly practice land during WW1 on land nearby before the houses were built
the name Millicent or Millie
an abbatoir or butchers, probably around 1910
the door in the pic of the one with the fan, do you get movement of that handle ?
a male in his early 20s hanging, I am not sure if this is in a house / garage near by or a tree
a shadow figure seen near the door and passing the mirror ?
the name Susan / Suzanne
the name Morris or Norris (not sure if it is a first name or surname)
a child whose night dress caught fire on a candle, that was a very common way for kids to die pre Victorian times
obviously your house only looks to be around 1980s/1990s so some of these things I pick up are possibly from older houses near by
the name Will goes with the little boy, but if he is seen he is likely to look like a girl due to the night dress and ringlet hair
the photo of the room with the bookcases, I feel that you may of found chairs pulled out from the table and items on table rearranged, I feel that is because an old lady who is linked to your house or an item of furniture in your house used to spend a lot of time at her table and did a lot of puzzles so is trying to make room
in fact her face could of been seen in the mirror or in the window from outside, she practically lived downstairs and would nose out of the window a lot you may even of caught her face in a photo
a graveyard close by, possibly where you house is it used to be graveyard land
a horseshoe, either a pub or a travellers site
illegal dog fighting ring in the area , I think when the houses first went up
I see a policeman, tall and bald
stamford crescent or street ?
do you hear knocking in the wall behind your pc ?
at 2.50am footsteps can often be heard this was a man who used to get in from late night gambling at that time when he was alive
the name Polly
Surname Richens or Richards
a plague pit in your area, may be under a hill, where they used to dispose of the plague victims, it is likely that a few of them were not properly dead before being thrown in the pit, so I do NOT advise that anyone in your area attempts anything like a ouija board !!
a baptist church vicar with let me say unsavoury interest in young children
a couple that only lived in your house for 8 months in the past, he went to prison for domestic violence or burglary but he was also doing domestic violence
do you keep finding your curtains that are in the picture half open when you are sure you have shut them ?
a pressure headache feeling and cold spots around dining table area and doorway ?
the name Webb
a man dying of a heart attack in an alley round about 1974
a taxi driver beaten up behind a row of shops, early 2000s
the name Audrey
is there an old dressing table with three mirrors that was left to you or was in the house when you moved in ?
bulbs blowing, particularly with your light near the bookcases and in the hall ?
a handprint in the hall where it is too high for one ?
the name Terry
a man nicknamed “bear”
a murder inside or outside a garage in regard to someone having an affair
the name Fitzjohn
I feel for some reason you house was not actually number 5 !! were there houses there before that had totally different numbers ?
a street with a river name, like Tamar road
2 children smothered by a parent during a custody case, they seem to be Asian family, not sure when, could be way back in the 60s
serious roof damage on right side of roof during a storm ? some time in the past
has a woman visiting your house complained of having her hair pulled as she came downstairs ?
a wooden box with black and white photos in it either in your loft or in the garden
power cuts in the night, do you wake up in the morning to find there have been power shut offs ?
what I am getting is that someone in your house or who visits your house is a psychic but they do not know it, they are picking stuff up and kind of leaving it at your house for another psychic to pick up, does that make sense, probably not !! but I do see a short , plumpish woman with glasses and sort of died purpley/ auburn hair
the name Nicola
this sounds crazy but I think someone in your area wrote a book about the Ripper murders
rumours of some kind of dodgy cult using wooded land
a “flap” of UFO sightings in the 80s
one of the bedrooms, and it seems to be a back bedroom has a different feel to the rest of the house, always seems cold, heavy atmosphere ?
I have to say that I am sensing the area has a very dark history !!! I am sure it is a nice enough place now but way back there were some awful things happening and I am sensing that unfortunately for me lol
your house is more than likely on a ley line or near a pylon or natural water source, this can attract activity, or activity that seems paranormal can in fact just be side effects of high EMF fields or infrasound, if I am right about the bedroom then that could be caused by “geopathic stress” ( if I came to yours I could check that all out for you)
of course if I came to your house I may well pick up different info to what I have got now, the info can change, spirit people can be there at different times
the number 5 for a house
depending on which numerologist is doing the job :
(my opinion)
a number five house is an “earth ” house, it is a house that is likely to attract those under Earth sign, ie Taurus or Capricorn
It is a house that likes tradition, it is comfortable with traditional decor
because it is an earth house the occupiers are likely to feel that they would like to stay there for many years if not forever.
this house is likely to have a muddy kitchen floor ūüôā not being rude, I have an earth house ! from people or animals in and out
it is a house of humour, despite there having been some serious personal issues it is never lacking in humour
Hi Eevee, thank you so much for my reading it was absolutely fascinating and you were spot on in many cases… I shall list them now for you…
My house was built in 1993 and i have lived there since it was built no one else lived there before me, however, there are 1930s houses and big victorian 5 storey houses within quarter of a mile, including some Almshouses, formerly a workhouse, around 1/2 mile away… ¬†before my house was built, there was a modern comprehensive school on the site that merged with another local high school and was knocked down to make way for our houses in 1991, as to what was there before the school I do not know, I will have to research.
2. I have a friend called Millicent, also known as Millie.
3. A man in his 20s was found hanging 6 years ago in a wooded area in the field 1/4 mile from my front door.
4. Susan is my ex husbands wifes name, and his new girlfriend is called Suzanne
5. the area of the room with the book cases, is where the table is and sometimes the chairs and the table contents do appear to have moved slightly, Robins late mother used to do jigsaws so this perhaps could be her.
6. there is a pub nearby which is very old and has definite links to Dick Turpin who used to frequent this area regularly.
7. Yes the curtains do appear to be open sometimes, only a little bit.. I have put this down to the cats moving them jumping up on to the window sill.
8. there is a cold patch near the dining table just in the hallway, and often have the feeling that someone is “walking over my grave”
9. a friend of my ex husband, a black cab driver, was beaten and mugged near the shops about 1/4 mile from my front door, in around 2001.
10.  light bulbs above my table near the bookcases are ALWAYS blowing with such force that they trip the whole electrics in the house out.
11. I did have some roof tiles come crashing down in a particularly windy storm in around 2003.
12. there is a wooden box full of old photos in my loft mostly black and white ones.
13. with regards to someone with sort of unknown psychic abilities would point to a very close family friend who actually does see spirits siting beside other people, ¬†or standing up next to people, as for the plumpish woman with dyed auburn hair that could be his mrs…… OR my sister in law, who is now deceased and has a daughter called NICOLA..
My house is termed as being in the East end of London, but no the east end proper, but as I have said, a varied history, definite links with Dick Turpin and the Earl of Essex who I believe was a lover of Queen Elizabeth the first, his former home, is now the crown court a very imposing building 1/2 mile from my house, as for other history I am not sure but may do some investigations of my own, there are ancient woodlands very close by, Epping Forest, and there are often UFO sightings around here.. in fact, i have myself seen several sightings.
I do live a couple of hundred yards from both electricity pylons and a river, so you could be right there…. not sure about ley lines though so all in all you were pretty spot on, and if this was a test of your abilities I would say that you have passed with flying colours…
thank you so much for doing this for me, I have had immense fun reading it and putting the clues together, and you know that you are welcome here anytime,  I hope my feedback proves good for you.
all my love and best wishes always, dear friend.
thanks so much for letting me practice on your house ūüôā
house readings are what I used to do best but as I said, was not sure what the brain tests had done to me, I think I can get back into the swing of it properly soon and your reading has spurred me on, thank you
thanks also for your speedy feedback, I am always itching to know how I have done
thanks for the extra history, very interesting especially as I am related to Dick Turpins right hand man Tom (depending on which records you read) King, hence why my son has now changed his name to King !!
I went through a mad phase of collecting books about Turpin, rumour has it I may in fact be related to Turpin not King but King is a family name, my great great great (or however many) Grans owned the Blue Ball pub in Grantchester Cambridgeshire and it was one of Turpin and Kings stop overs,
interestingly enough too I also investigated the George Hotel coaching Inn in Huntingdon that has a Turpin room so me and Turpin go way back lol
I was gonna say highway men in the reading ! that will teach me, should of wrote it anyway
I have investigated hangmans hill (optical illusion/urban legend, we have one of those hills in our village too ) at High Beech Epping and seen the legs of a Turpin era man run across the road and into the bushes, have also seen a highway man riding through a field when we have come home from London the back way near Royston,  another place you may know of is Copped Hall in Epping, investigated that and I lived at a veterinary hospital in Buckhurst hill, so I know Epping quite well,
I found a past life of mine in High beech cemetery, her name was Emma Arrowsmith, and even though she was posh, she had a thing for highway men !
highway men and me are a big deal as Beardie was one in a previous life and I always found them sexy even before I met him lol
oh and how can I forget, I also investigated Caxton Gibbet, also linked to highway men
are you near Pole Hill ? we used to do sky watches there and was filmed for TV on a UFO hunt at that location,
I would love love love to come to your house and meet you : ) sounds like my kind of area, and of course it would be fab to finally meet you, we MUST arrange something over the summer , I am due a visit to my friend in Barnet and beardie wants to go back round Hackney to the areas his mum hung out when she was alive
dunno how you feel about me doing some harmless tests while I am there ?
sometimes people get these readings from me and find out more at a later date that fits what Isaid, so if you do, please keep me updated !
I have to say that it was an odd reading in so much as , I have not often done one where I get such varied info from around the area not just the house



wow you have said some interesting stuff in this email too…..High Beech, is up the road from me, and we go there regular, and I know the little church you mean..tucked away in the middle of the forest, there is a lot of spirit and psychic activity there,, Buckhurst Hill… very close to me, I was up there last week picking something up from a lady there via freecycle… ¬†Not heard of Pole Hill ..???
Yes it would be lovely to meet you and you to explore this house a bit closer, and NO ¬†I have no problem with you doing tests whilst you are here, if you bring your wheel chair Ill take you up to the pub I told you about associated with Dick Turpin, it is called the Nightingale…….and on the door sign is a pic of Dick.. (pardon me!!!) ¬†and the words “Mobs Hole or Mobbs Hole” ¬†176 something as a date.. Ill look as I drive past today… that is where my close family friend saw a ghost sitting behind someone at the bar.. which i mentioned briefly in my feedback to you..he sees spirits all the time… so is pretty psychic I think… Hackney is only 2 or 3 miles from us, so if Beardie is visiting then please do pop in and I will get the kettle on…….and maybe Ill make one of my famous cakes..!!!….
as for using my reading in your blog I have no problem with that at all ūüėÄ ¬† as long as me and my house are anonymous…although you can state the area in general….
Finally, as for Joe Pike…. this is not relevant to me Im afraid..Emoji
If you are up to travelling, we can definitely arrange something for the Summer
thank you so much again for doing this… its been a real insight..!!!..
lots of love to you…
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The other day I was at my sons place, I have blogged about it before, it is on the site of the prison from the 1500s and linked to the witches from my village

anyway, a friend of his works somewhere in the town that is another old building and he found some things in the loft when he was cleaning the place, he found some old items that must of belonged to someone who worked there long ago and I did a reading of the items, picking up on two fighting brothers, it was confirmed that two brothers were linked to the building and I also picked up on a will, before I was told that it was a solicitors office in the past

then my reading was¬†interrupted¬†by a voice saying “Thelma”

I explained to my son and his friend that I was getting that name but I did not think it was linked to the office and just to ignore me !

I was also picking up on the fact that Thelma had been moved to a care home and was not happy there

my son jumped about two feet out of his chair and left the flat for 5 minutes

he came back with a letter that he had found half opened in the pile of old mail left for previous tenants ( I could not of seen it on passing because it was at the bottom of a pile of junk mail)

and there was the name Thelma and the letter was from the department of social services that deal with old peoples care homes !

we could not tell from the letter if Thelma has passed on but it seemed that they had been trying to contact her for quite some time

it could well be that I was picking up on a “living residual” and Thelma is in fact alive but left her unhappy energy in the flat when she had to move (my paranormal group has proven the living residual theory on two occasions but I will not waffle on about it here )


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hi i have studied the photos and this is what i get
dont know if any of it will make sense to youeliza or elizabeth

cooper (dont know if that is their surname ?) This did not ring a bell!

whats weird is im not picking up that children have ever lived there !!

dont know why They did, there were 2 sisters that lived there before we did. They were born and raised there. Their name was Kate and Paige. 

a surname beginning with a Y This did not ring a bell!

an old lady who had a stroke,she liked making those pot pourri bags with lavender in that you

put in with clothes ,¬†I don’t know about the lady, I am still learning history of the place. I did find sever pot pouri bags in the house.

someone slipped off the roof so be careful if anyone does any work on it Ok

the only “negative” energy i get is on the stairs,i think someone used to sit there when they were angry so you

may hear banging from there The stairs give me a funng feeling to.

the date 1960 / 1962 is important for the house or someone who lived there I will see what comes about with those dates.

get good security on all the doors..door alarms they are cheap enough Most definatly!

if you are in the mood for investigating there in the future the i strongly think you should set up camera looking out into

the grounds Oh yeah, I have already seen things there with my bare eyes. I saw a white form walk across the yard one night. Barry and I went out thinking maybe it was a deer, but we could not find any tracks. I just shrugged it off.

i feel that where the hill is it is a UFO hotspot and if you didnt much believe in them before,you might change your mind I have an open mind!

i do feel that you will be happy there and im seeing 9 so you will spend at least 9 happy years there before moving again I think so to. I love it there.

someone had an accident with a tractor or something,it was an old man who shouldnt have been driving it I will see what comes of this.

the old lady i pick up on,i think she went to live with family when her husband died You are right on the money there! The lady that lived in that house and raised her family there was named Pam Williams. He first husband died in a car wreck in the 1985. He was the father to her children. If I am not mistaken she ramarried and her 2nd husband past on and in 2004 she moved in with her son in law and her daughter. I met her, she is a very nice lady.

this one sounds strange…a bank robber with a name like Tyrell was shot by the police in the area…dont know when though and i

dont know if thats a first name or surname¬†No you know what is funny? There is 2 graves across the road from the house, looking up from the house. I asked Kate about them. She is one of the daughters. Here is the email she sent me…

I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you. You were curious about the graves across the road. They belong to a man named Joe Brim and his wife. He was a very bad man if the stories told to me hold even a shred of truth. He was¬†accused of robbing and killing a lot of people.
There is one story of a traveling doctor being chased by him on horseback and managing to escape. Other travelers were not so lucky when he offered them a place to rest their heads.
As I’ve said it has all¬†the makings of a folktale. All I know is what I’ve been told throughout my childhood.
I am not sure if they lived at the house or not. I will ask.
a spirit of a little girl called clara /clarabelle / clarissa,something like that who plays in the grounds..look out for her headstone in local cemetery
i get 1820 ish date for her or 1920ish

i think you will be able to pick her up on cctv by the barn area  LOL, there is an old graveyard by the barn in the woods. I have not located it yet. Daniel the fellow who is married to the daughter Paige, told me about it. Said it was only rocks sticking up out of the ground for markers. I will find it and Barry and I will clean it up.

my pendulum picked out these areas as active

stairs I agree and I feel uneasy by the stairs. I picked that up right off the bat.
the area of the grounds where there is  a barn building Might be due to the graveyard near the barn.
the kitchen and dining areas¬†Yep I agree, a few weeks ago working there I was standing in the room with the stairs and looked toward the dining room…I could have swore Barry had come in I saw someone walking by the door way. I went in and there was no one. Barry was out back working on the dog kennels.

the area where i spotted the horseshoe

it wont be negative activity.mainly breezes and objects moving
my pendulum says there are no apparitions

2 spirits with an S name that are linked I think someone who lived in that house had the last name Smith. I found a lot of papers from a fellow who was in the Navy or Army one. One of the letters were dated 1941.

no one “haunts” the place but some do pop in from time to time
and i do feel you are being watched as you work on the house
you are being watched from the arched area (kitchen ?) and the area with the horse shoe

i get that the person watching would like the house kept as authentic as possible ? That is my plan I picked out paint colors for the room that the is going to be my office. I felt I kind of needed to stay close to what the orginal colors were. So I picked out some antique looking colors for the walls and trim. We primered the walls last night, I can pain today. i dont know who they are or how far back they lived there

once you have moved in properly and they are satisfied they will move on

the name Paul comes up

 I will save this email, and as time goes on I am sure some of the statements will match. Like I said I am just now learning the history of the place. I do know some one who lived there is atleast somewhat curious about the paranormal, spirits etc. I found all kinds of books with ghost stories and themes. I saved them.

Emma, you would not believe the scrapbook I found. It had news paper clippings and pictures of people in the military in World War 11. There was a clipping of one in paticular that caught my eye. It stated¬† 3 PATRICK COUNTY VA BOYS IN ENGLAND”. I will scan that picture and send it to you once I get moved in. The date in scrap book said Aug 1944. It made chills come up on me when I turned the pages. I don’t know why, but it did.¬†¬†
Barry brough me a whole stack of papers and letters and things he found tucked under a floor board up stairs. I am going to go through them later.  
Emma, thank you so much for doing the reading. You were right on the money on most of it. I am sure as time goes on and I learn more about the place I can begin to fill in the blanks more.
              Love Ya
            Betty Sue


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an internet friend in Australia who i did a location reading for of her old house has just moved and sent me three photos of one room to read of her new housethis is what i picked up onwell theres nothing  bad im getting off these

i think what  im getting is from previous tenants rather than spirits
(but im not sure)
i see four or five children,mainly boys running noisily through
that door way and into the other door /room..they are playing,i think
because of this the house can feel really ” busy” during the day but in the
eveings it will be nice and relaxing !!

the names Bryan or Ryan , matt, keith and i dont know the others
someone got their head shut in that window but they were ok,i see a
little girl with dark hair who was the one who that happened to

i do feel that there was also a problem with the father of the house and
he had to leave,things were happier after that

i dont sense tom from these photos

there was a child in the house who had lots of hospital visits for something
to do with their lungs,maybe  severe asthma

helen ? could be the mother

a surname like Mc mullen/mallen

i think you may hear creaking outside the doorway but it will just be
a residual playback of the living people im picking up on who used to live
there so its nothing to worry about…i feel they spent alot of time around this

sophia / sophie

if you can email me some more pics or put them in an online album and give me the link or
something that will be cool

oh watch your front door…i think it tends to open on its own,a faulty hinge or could be from
the wind !!! something you may need to fix

there is a neighbour (or pretty near by) who is an old man who may need looking out for as he has no relatives
he loves plum pie or something like that and he has a blue pedal bike that he hasnt used
for years,he often has his wrist bandaged up

he used to be a postman  or worked in some kind of factory that made paper or envelopes
at first he will seem un friendly but he will open up and find you trustworthy
i dont think he was ever married and he will take a shine to one of your cats,you may even find that
he will look after them for you when you go away anywhere

i think you will be very happy in this home it may be more expensive to live in than your last home but it will
be worth it

j is going to make a really good friend called emily or amy

im seeing blue lines !!!! and hearing ” 2 MONTHS” is there something you want to share my dear ? or it could be your sister / a close friend….baby boy clothes and the name Samuel…ignore all this bit if im wrong,i do have a reading to do after yours that this info could belong to..hope this part aint freaked you out !


firstly, front door. spot on!
as for the children, mainly boys; the previous tennants were boys, 3 of them but at one stage 4! none of the names are ringing a bell but i have no history of the house other than who the landlords are & who the previous tennants were.
i think you could be on to something with that room being busy, that room is the baby’s room & she just will not sleep in there for any longer than 40 minutes so perhaps she is being woken by noisy children runnung around hahaha
speaking of running around, J has been running down the hallway (which that room is off) & gets annoyed with herself because she knows she isnt allowed to & doesnt understand why she is running! I have noticed myself NEEDING to do things through the day, be it washing or sorting I just want to keep busy but at night, yes, very relaxed & such a quiet home.
I do occasionally hear creaking (like the floor boards) in the hallway.
Ok, the neighbour, yes, old man, used to ride an old bicycle around (my dad used to live in a house accross the road) but i havent seen him ride for a few years (the house is close to the old one) and I do recall seeing him with a bandage around his wrist! he doesnt have any family here in australia & is hard to get away from once he starts talking & he will talk to anyone hehe I am unsure of his trade or previous emplyments.
the blue lines……no no no no no no NOT me hahahahaha¬†i do have a friend who just had a bubba boy & another who had her 20 week scan¬†today for her bubba¬†in utero¬†but other than that, nobody i know is pregnant…yet lol but if it happens I will be letting you know!
The reason I sent only pics of that one room is because the cats go all funny in there, especially around the fireplace…might be a rodent problem as opposed to spirits lol i will upload the pics tonight on fb & will send you a link :o)
Thanks so much for doing that for me, I must admit i was a little worried about that room because of the cats reactions & because baby wouldnt sleep but am at ease now knowing it could very well be noisy busy children hehehehe
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reddylaugh wrote on Jul 3, ’09
Hmmmm – sounds like you’ve hit a quite a few points Eevee! Good for you! Your talents astound me……..xoxoxoxo

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jul 13, ’09

Hmmmm – sounds like you’ve hit a quite a few points Eevee! Good for you! Your talents astound me……..xoxoxoxo

its quite good yes,considering i only had photos of one room and they didnt show the whole of the room