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The photo that terrified me (transfiguration)

Posted in experiments, murdered spirits, paranormal experiments, paranormal photos, physical mediumship, psychic art, ripper, scrying, spirit contact, transfiguration, victorian ghosts on March 24, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Many many years back I had got a new phone and was testing it out and had one of my episodes of weirdness where I was doing stuff in my sleep.

I had taken a photo while asleep of myself and when I saw it I was terrified, i recognised it immediately as one of Jack the rippers victims

I had been watching a documentary the night before, 

It took me years before I was able to look at this photo again


Ripper victim Mary Ann

For ages I was petrified that it was a premonition that I was about to die.

Later I came to realise that it was something called “transfiguration” where a spirit manages to form its facial features over a living person,and I have been able to do it a handful of times since.

Maybe she spoke to me in my sleep,I don’t know because unfortunately I didnt remember my dreams that night.

It is interesting however that a few years later I got contact with another murder victim named Mary Ann who trusted me so much she showed herself as a full apparition on 35mm film (see blog titled “Mary Ann the spirit who trusted”)

Transfiguration is pretty scary and something that ” physical mediums ” use,I once appeared to my whole team looking like a stern faced teacher (same surname as the ripper victim !!) While doing a mirror scrying experiment.

I once transfigured as my Gran

Which relatives present all noticed

I even captured my husband transfigured on a photo at a derelict airbase once, we could not work out why he looked Japanese ,but in depth research later showed us that important Japanese dignitaries had once visited there.



Psychic art ,to do with new case ?

Posted in psychic art on December 22, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I was just meditating and these two people popped up,not sure if they are to do with the case I am working on or not,waiting for feedback

I did recently get some names correct for that case including a nickname

Or maybe they mean something to someone reading this ? If so please contact me
UPDATE : if you read the comments it seems like the man may have been claimed 🙂

Psychic art

Posted in psychic art on November 23, 2016 by Psychic eevee

This spirit actually appeared to my honorary nephew at the same time I was drawing

These ones are awful drawings because they came through in trance but they are to do with a recent unsolved crime (please don’t mention if you know which case I’m talking about)

I will be adding some more of my old psychic art when I find it

My crafts : large David Bowie memorial (pop art style)

Posted in bowie, dreams and premonitions, my handmade crafts, psychic art on July 21, 2016 by Psychic eevee

So you are wondering what this is doing on my psychic page ? I have a whole weird article to write but this came about due to a dream ,he said in my dream “don’t laugh at my self portraits,see if you can do better” so I tried



Started with a pencil sketch


Half way through


Unfortunately I lost a lot of the detail of the sketch when I went over it with marker pen,I was originally going to paint it but I was like someone possessed,needing to get it done quickly,it only took two hours, something in me decided it needed to be bold looking


I chose Aladdin Sane for young David


And Millennium David for “old”


On my kitchen wall,it is about three feet tall
I like it surprisingly, I don’t normally like my own art

Next time I will do a realistic sketch as the one I did in 1987 I gave to a relative

Spirit art ? Terry

Posted in psychic art, spirit contact on June 9, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I had a spirit dream last night
Although this accident took place on our road it does not mean it did.
This man had a neck brace on and had been hit by a small lorry or large van, a white one that had fled the scene, he was surrounded by police and paramedics so I did not get a close look at him but he had a long beard,quite straggly,strawberry blond/reddish and he had brown long straggly hair.
Age about 50-55
Looks “nerdy” (no offence)
Very quietly spoken.
He was either hit crossing a road at night in the summer but it was drizzly rain and a bit foggy,he may of been walking down the side of the road or even pushing a bicycle (did not see the bike in my dream but it jumps out at me)

Interesting that the name Terry kept coming upon evp ,and “help Terry” at the house case I’ve just investigated,Terry may even be his surname rather than first name.