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The rarest personality ,this explains everything !! INFJ

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For years I have questioned if I am just strange,if these weird things are really happening to me, I went through stages where I was put under extreme psychiatric drugs that I did not need (which have now given me physical disabilities) I never got on with psychiatrists or therapists ,mainly because they all follow Freud’s school of thought and I follow Jung’s (see my article psychic v psychiatry) I actually tried to study psychology at college but it was all about Freud and his perverted ideas such as the Electra and Oedipus complexes ,so I walked out !

I had supposed “in depth” tests, I was told I had a high IQ ,I was told I had a 50/50 functioning brain, most people favour using one side more than the other, for example they may use the creative side more than the logical side,I was told I use both equally.I was diagnosed with dyscalclia (the mathematics version of dyslexia)

I was also told I was psychotic and borderline personality AND explosive personality,I knew I was not !! I was in fact diagnosed that in order to defame my character due to speaking out against people in power…did it stop me speaking out against them ? NO, and you will see why later on.

Nasty tricks that were played on me by the mental health team while trying to defame my character (because the person I was trying to expose was a member of the mental health board) apparently I threatened them with a GUN …really ? Its very hard to get guns in UK, I am extremely anti gun,I am a peaceful Pagan and if they knew anything about me they would see my rants on Facebook about how I don’t think other countries should allow just anyone to own guns.

They sent me to what was blatantly a bogus mental health nurse who accused me of being aggressive and threatening (bad luck to him,I record everything for my own protection due to all the lies said about me) and he thought he would be clever by randomly asking me what I thought happened to Princess Diana ! Obviously he was trying to label me a conspiracy nutter to counteract the things I was saying about the person I was trying to expose (despite me having a room full of evidence) so I told him she died in an accident, he then started talking the most bizarre shit about until he went to Australia he had to only take other peoples word for it that it was there !!? I walked out.these are the sort of people who were meant to be HELPING me ?

I was diagnosed as “emotionally unstable” as if it was something wrong with me ! Its called being an empath !

I knew I was an empath, I have blogged about it before but I also knew there was more to it ,I knew there had to be some reason I had all these weird experiences and ended up working in the psychic and paranormal fields

I have found my answer

It turns out I have a rare personality type

(Article: soul spot TV)

This is ME exactly … explains everything !!

I am a truthseeker,some would call me a “conspiracy nutter”

I never stop researching and learning,I am often researching ten things at once, my house is full of books,every room is a different category of books,once I get interest in a subject I need to know EVERYTHING about it.

The intuitive and empath part,well that fits in with my psychic and paranormal work.

I am a writer,I have had my writing published in books.

I am creative,I studied photography, and I often post my homemade crafts on here.

I do prefer to work alone,in fact at school I insisted on working in the headmaster’s office on my own,when they would not let me do that any more I quit school,although I can fake being able to work in a team.

I do not have many friends,I am very picky,if I discover people are shallow or fake,and I discover that very quickly I go back to being alone.

I go totally bananas if someone interrupts my work (ask my husband lol) and I withdraw into my own little world of study for weeks on end.

I don’t want to go into my traumatic childhood but I was always accused of being a “drama queen” and a fantasist,when really I was an empath and a dreamer.

Yes,I am an old soul,I have many past lives that I know about,it helps me in my work.

I do get mistaken for being extravert,I am not extravert at all, I hate socialising,it makes me cringe.

I do strongly hold onto my beliefs and won’t let them go for anyone,I am big on justice and will risk anything to get it,when I am on the case I am like a dog with a bone,that is why I am still fighting something over 20 years later.

The so called “mental” episodes I used to have were in fact me struggling to deal with this unusual personality type and not knowing anyone else with it,and struggling to deal with my psychic abilities, it was all made worse by idiotic Freud following psychiatrists labelling me things I wasn’t,trying to dumb me down with dangerous drugs and closing down my pineal gland (3rd eye) their main aim was to shut me up and stop me being an outspoken truther,well bad luck to them because I stopped their drugs and stopped going to see them,and guess what…my “mental” issues stopped !the psychiatric drugs I was put on were so dangerous they were the same drugs they gave the likes of Ronnie Kray in Broadmoor high security mental prison ,a bit over the top don’t you think ? Another drug I was given has now been banned,yet thankfully none of those drugs had any mental effect on me…because I didn’t need them.
It sickens me that there are people with this rare personality type being treated in totally the wrong way 😦 I have had to reach the age of 45 and go through years of hell,believing I was crazy,and others believing I was crazy for NOTHING

My test results

I found some very interesting articles last night regarding being and INFJ and it all just fell into place

This one is the most fascinating,it explains how people like me go through various stages in our psychic abilities

(Image found on Google)

Yes I can spot a fake person a mile off,I read people well,that is how I am able to do psychic face readings even from photographs

The intuitive /empathic part of INFJ people is clearly what makes “indigo” people, I have blogged about indigo kids for ages and you can find a section about them in the index,I knew I was “indigo” and I know that my grand daughter is,it will be interesting to see if she turns out to be INFJ when she is an adult !

Here is a link to my blog I wrote years ago about my issues with psychics v psychiatry, if you don’t want to read the INFJ links above,at least read this one as it explains more about me and for how long I have had problems with Freud followers and wished that psychiatrists followed Jung (the king of coincidence/synchronicity, you know how I write about coincidence a lot on my blog)

I find it ironic that psychiatrists work with people’s minds but are afraid to open their own in case their brains fall out !!

We are not all text book cases,the sooner they realise that,the less people will suffer

My husband also took the test and he came up as one of these,we are looking into how accurate that is and I will update later

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my study is well under way into the link between so called mental illness versus psychic ability……………………………………………what worries me is how many people out there have been misdiagnosed by psychiatrists who are not at all open minded to psychic ability ?

i got thinking all this when i was diagnosed as having a mental disorder ,now if i had mentioned to the psychiatrists that i heard voices and saw things i would immediately be diagnosed as schizophrenic !!…thats worrying,how many more people are psychic but been labelled as mentally ill ?

there is a difference between hearing voices calling your name and hearing voices telling you to harm yourself or others

the thing with psychiatrists is that they are unbelievably closed minded,the secret with them is that you need a psychiatrist who follows Jung rather than Freud.
Jung was a believer in the paranormal and even wrote a dream meaning book,whereas Freud was fascinated with most things being down to sex.

i tested a psychiatrist once and told them i had seen something,this was put down to “hallucination” the psychiatrist started to stutter when i mentioned afterwards that four other people saw the very same thing….more stuttering and it was then put down to “group hysteria” i mean…please !!! they ought to credit people with more intelligence

i used to suffer from horrific RAGES,i was described as being like a man when this happened.afterwards i couldnt remember much,i dont think it is a coincedence that when i finally admitted i was psychic these rages stopped !!
i used to self harm for years , i thought this was down to my bad childhood but this also stopped when i admitted i was psychic

i have been doped up with Lithium and i noticed at the times i was on it i became more open psychically….i thought about that then realised that Lithium is a metal compound which is used in some batteries,spirits are well known to drain battery power to gain why not drain people who are on that drug ? makes total sense to me and explains the days and days i had where i could barely move,feeling drained of all my energy for no apparant reason.this would explain why i complained to my psychiatrist that i felt WORSE on lithium.

i dont believe i have a mental illness and neither do the people around me who know me well.
what is described as being over emotional in my opinion is just simply being an empath.

i believe i had a bad childhood for a reason…to become psychic,if thats not true and just makes me feel better then what the hell does it matter,since becoming psychic i have found more peace with myself than any amount of therapy ever gave me…none of it worked.

i have already discussed how some things i go through i realised were linked to my past life see past life experiment on my paranormal blog

im starting to think that the physical problems that i have that have never got a diagnosis from doctors are also down to being psychic,maybe i am taking on the illness of someones spirit and i need to find out their history in order to feel well again

i have had brain scans due to the humming i hear,the scan came back normal,it was described as a wiring problem in my brain and i was given a hearing aid that plays white noise…uuummm think about that,we use white noise to get spirits to speak during evp experiments so i dont think its a coincedence that around the time i admitted i was psychic i developed this “hum” it is on the same side that spirits communicate with me…i tested this gadget at haunted locations and while wearing it i did indeed get more communication,i noticed a well known tv psychic was wearing a white noise generator on the same side as me,so that is what started my study….
i wondered how many psychics had (a) mental illness (b) the hum (c) been on lithium (d) suffered rages etc
despite only starting the study a few months back i hardly need to read the survey answers from people any more,most of them have had one or all of these things !!

many of these people have had bad childhoods,many of these people have had near death experiences prior to discovering they were psychic,many of these people suffer unexplained physical illness,.this needs to be looked into by the medical profession who should become more open minded,there are people out their who are frightened and trying to cope with psychic ability and scared to mention it to doctors incase they are labelled as mentally ill.

why is it alright for psychiatrists to suggest meditation as a form of relaxation but if you mention that you get spirit contact when meditating they try and shove you on drugs ?

how many children are being misdiagnosed as having ADHD when they are actually just “indigos” (see Indigo kids section) how many children are accused of trying to get attention when they are actually struggling with their development ?,how many children who are amazingly artistic are actually being guided by spirits who are creating through them ? how many children are being doped up with Ritalin and the like,when all they need is someone to allow them to grow psychically ?

one day i will give my psychiatrist the link to this website and say that i dont need her anymore and that she should start studying a different branch of the human mind !!!!
i would like to see her explain away all the things on this website,i have all  the proof logged,im not silly

like i have said before that psychic ability is in all of us,we are born with it,it just stays with certain people,you would think that intelligent psychiatrists would accept that and get people the correct support rather than dope them up with drugs…you try getting an appointment to see a parapsychologist rather than a psychiatrist,it is nearly impossible,if you could be referred to a parapsychologist if needed it would save the psychiatrists an awful lot of work on people who dont respond to therapy or drug treatment because they dont actually need it !!

i dont take my lithium,i dont need it,i have all the support i need from like minded friends (and my spirit guide )

alot of cases my paranormal group investigate turn out to be activity caused by living people who are just starting out on their psychic journey and not knowing how to cope with it,we dont label these people as needing psychiatric help,after discussion and tips on how to deal with it many of these people have no longer been afraid and hence the activity has stopped !! one of my clients who stared out terrified of activity in her house is now a developing psychic and we often have “classes” together

oh on the subject of brain scans as i was earlier…i think that having a MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) can also trigger ability,the reason i say this is that i have had a few MRI scans over the years and they didnt used to bother me,but when i had the one for my brain around the time i admitted i was psychic i was suddenly petrified in the machine,i couldnt breathe and couldnt wait to get out,i was also picking up on a man named Ken who had a motorbike crash and died in the MRI machine (a few days later,it turned out to be true as i saw in the local paper) scans use magnets and it is a well known fact that spirits effect the magnetic field,soooo in the right people does the use of magnetic scans trigger something in their brain making them more open ?

something has certainly been opened in my brain and i can even hear a sort of electrical buzzing in the base of my skull as a warning signal that someone is going to make themselves known to me,followed by the humming getting louder

i also noticed that alot of people taking part in my survey had suffered pneumonia (i myself was hospitalised for a week with that and almost died,this was when i had my near death experience,to be discussed in my next blog)

I could go into this in much more detail but i will wait til my study is over then publish the results

obviously there are of course people out there with mental illness and they SHOULD see a psychiatrist as their first port of call,if they find they are getting nowhere then maybe its a good idea to start looking into the psychic side of things

if they are hurting themselves or other people and hearing disturbing voices and seeing horrific hallucinations then they WOULD need psychiatric help
so please dont assume you are just psychic if you get these things,check out all avenues

if any of this sounds familiar to you and you want to take part in my study please email me
readings . by . eevee @ inbox .com

all surveys are confidential

(c) eevee / hgh uk paranormal 2008

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jul 25, ’11
i have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia among other things, I believe that to be a brain issue , you can read my article here :
I still believe though what I wrote above, and I have noticed that a lot of Fibro patients are also psychic !!
I will be writing more in depth about this soon