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Newman’s stores ,building stuck in time

Posted in spooky buildings, urb exing on April 14, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have been trying to find out about this building for ages !

I photographed it for my URB ex project, it’s in my village ,an old lady who lived in this village all her life who has since passed away told me it shut down in the 80s and workmen downed their tools and fled due to a haunting, not sure how true that is but in this day and age it is very rare to see a building derelict like that for so long when buildings are snapped up for renovation or bulldozed and three or four tiny new builds put in their place due to housing shortages.

What is also curious is why someone seems to have gone to the bother of building a modern conservatory on the back ,surely you would do the building up first and a conservatory would be a finishing touch,it doesn’t make sense to me.

I do get psychic vibes from it that I won’t state here but I get very eerie vibes from the Georgian looking building next to it that I know is flats now

What is with that new conservatory !?

What I also find odd is the lack of graffiti or attempted break ins ,I do enough URB ex to know that is what usually happens ,especially in a village with bored teenagers daring each other to go into the local derelict “spooky” house. I am glad of course that it hasn’t been vandalised.

I have tried researching it but due to this secretive county this is all I found

If its true that its haunted it must be something truly terrifying to leave it untouched for so long and I would gladly offer my services to investigate (discreetly of course)and do a cleansing because surely whoever owns it wants their building back !

If it is not haunted then I would love access to photograph the inside for my photography project because I am very into “normal” history too and think it would make for a fascinating photo journalism set.

So if anyone has any info please feel free to contact me confidentially

(No time wasters please)

If you are the owner and would like me to remove this blog then please let me know.


Don’t go there

Posted in bad investigators, dont go there, locations that get disrespected, murdered spirits, my articles, paranormal, spirit rescue, TV psychics, TV shows, urb exing on October 19, 2016 by Psychic eevee

There are some locations that I think paranormal investigators need to stop using as thrill seeking adventure locations,I shall choose two places off the top of my head

Clophill church ruins in UK:

Yes I’ve been there, yes I did get evidence, in fact a clear apparition of a “monk” in white standing in the ruins during the day ,but I would not go there at night,not because I am scared,far from it,I’ve been to much scarier places, but because the location has become ridiculously disrespected by very amateur ghost hunters ,the kind that think “most haunted” know what they are doing ! 

The location gets full with teenagers drinking and acting like idiots,

In my opinion the whole place needs closing off and only open to people with relatives buried there,

Long story short but in the 70s bodies were dug up and used for black magic, a woman’s head was found stuck to a fence, because of that all the bodies had to be exhumed and reburied on the edges of the graveyard, do you not think those spirits are not already in distress ? So leave them alone !

Its got so bad that the place is shut off at Halloween and even year round the police get called out,I was there during the day with mature people and the police turned up,I was not even investigating, I was there to do my dereliction photography !

Its down a small lane with a few houses near it,the people who live there understandably are fed up with it,one local even admitted to projecting images of monks onto the ruin walls to try and scare people off,unfortunately it had the opposite effect.

It is seen as a satanic location because the church is the wrong way round and stories about the devil picking the church up abound,just like another church in the area where the church is in two parts, apparently the devil being angry tried to pick the church up and dropped it ,typical urban legend stuff.

Now is the time to leave well alone

Another location that makes me angry is the villisca ax murders house in America, where a group of children met a horrific end,why then is it literally a museum of their death ? Why do they let people in there to investigate ? (Money ? I’m not sure)

But I read this article and it made me fume,100 years later and the spirit children are distraught,listen to the evps etc

I am not OK with spirit children being used as entertainment !! They need moving on,someone needs to go in there and do a spirit rescue, not leave those poor children forever trapped just to entertain people !! Articles about the location say things like “you hear them in torment, reliving the night they died” ….just NO !!! let them go.

That is why I do a rescue if I ever come across spirit children and I certainly don’t go out of my way looking for them, I would never investigate old mental asylums either, where spirits who were already tormented in life are tormented all over again for entertainment, its not entertaining and its not amusing, but then you find that a lot of these locations are kept open for ghost “tours” which I have a huge problem with (but that’s another blog) and are not run by serious investigators, just people in it to make money *insert angry face here*

Yes I would photograph a derelict asylum for my urb ex photography, but I would not be running around yelling at spirits to “do something then” and other disrespectful things,my urb ex is a whole different thing and I do it as a way of documenting some beautiful old buildings.

But as for the villisca house and others like it,close it down !! Move the spirits on,would you not want someone to do the same for you if you were a “tormented spirit” who met a terrifying death ? Or would you be Happy with people paying x amount of money to trample through your old home expecting you to “perform” and relive your murder over and over again !

“Oh isn’t it amazing how you can still hear the villisca children crying a hundred years later” say some “ghost hunters” ERM ,no !! Its not amazing,those children spirits are crying out for help ,HELP THEM ,surely that’s more rewarding than any evp ?

And people wonder why they end up taking something home with them from these places, in my opinion these spirits are being used as something akin to a Victorian “freak show” that was disgusting then and even more disgusting these days.

Yes the villisca house could be bulldozed but people would still go there ,if it were just a patch of land left it would still be haunted, a new building in its place would still be haunted ,that’s why spirit rescue is vital.

Zac Bagans of “ghost adventures” bought a famous demonic infested house in America to make a documentary, apparently it was so terrifying the project was abandoned and the house bulldozed,well Mr bagans,you of all people should know that won’t make much difference *bangs head on wall*

So,when it comes to the paranormal “don’t go there” can be a very appropriate thing to say/do

See,this is what I mean ….disgraceful 😦
Please do not copy or re blog thanks

Mini URB exer

Posted in indigo kids, urb exing on July 26, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Not only is our grand daughter psychic like me,a good photographer and creative but she has now discovered another of my loves…URB exing !!
We discovered a derelict building on the way to the park and she was fascinated, I did not take her inside as that would be dangerous but she had a look through the window holes.





It is a very old building but being renovated on the inside