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Musical memories

Posted in 1940s, coincidences, indigo kids, past lives, ww1 ww2 on October 6, 2016 by Psychic eevee

It is our grand daughters fourth birthday today,as part of her birthday treat we took her to a 1940s day on Sunday,she arrived with her brother ,they both looked the part

I’ve always thought she looks very 1940s

She wasn’t really sure what it was all about as she is a bit young but she still had fun

You could of knocked me over sideways when she heard “in the mood” being played… “I love this music” she said, I love Glen Miller but I’ve never played the music around her !! And no one else she spends time with is into swing music,she even hummed along with it almost perfectly. Strange

That’s not all,the next day she was going through my David bowie music on my tablet and chose to play the theme from “merry Xmas Mr Lawrence” which is a war film,I have never played that music to her,mainly because for some reason it makes me howl like a baby .

Neither has anyone else played it to her,again she hummed along

That day her brother decided to play my pan pipes that I found in a charity shop,he is not even two,yet he knew which way up to hold them and almost got a few notes out of them which is not at all easy

Wonder if this is all past life stuff ,I would not be surprised
Happy fourth birthday Arwen Rose xxx

Just noticed this ,a special date