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Tarot beginner

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Believe it or not I have never learnt the Tarot,I have never had the patience and have been too busy with the numerous oracle card sets I have,runes,pendulums, dice and other methods.

I have never found a set of Tarot cards that I have REALLY liked either ….

Until now : these are just perfect ,they have both mine (barn owl) and hubbies (crow) power animals on a lot of the cards and these are very very Pagan /Celtic style 🙂

They are called TAROT FAMILIARS BY LISA PARKER …I have always loved her art and have two of her pictures (not originals of course !) Maybe the fact I have these pictures is a good sign that these are in fact the right tarot cards for me ?

I shall dust off my “tarot cards for idiots” book and give it a whirl,it may take some time before I know what I am doing ,I might be too set in my ways with my other methods.

As and when I start getting the hang of it I will add sample readings.
UPDATE I have now ordered this Lisa Parker canvas for hubby for Xmas 

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


Grand daughter zener card test number 1

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Today I tested my grand daughter with zener cards ,which are a method of testing psychic ability, they are a pack of 25 cards ,they have the following symbols : star,wavy lines,square,cross and circle.(you may have seen them in the film “ghost busters”)

They have been used for a long time under controlled tests by parapsychologists and I often test my paranormal clients who I believe may be having activity due to latent psychic abilities.

My granddaughter blew us away last year with the coloured balls hidden behind someone’s back test,she got about 85% success rate (video only available to Facebook friends)

Since she was about 20 months old she has always without fail picked the robin (her power animal) and barn owl (my power animal) out of my animal oracle cards without looking.(videos also only available to Facebook friends) ….interesting to note she was wearing leggings with her power animal on today,I wonder if that helped ? You never know.

What fascinated me about today’s tests was more what she was saying than the actual success of her card reading (she got 6 correct, which is higher than chance for a four year old)

I had to draw all the symbols onto a note pad just to remind her of the symbols being used as she had not used the cards before but there was no cheating whatsoever.

She got a couple right ….

I then decided to tell her how to use the TV screen third eye visualization technique,I thought she wouldn’t understand that but she shocked me by saying she already sees like that ! It worked and she got two right straight away.

I then decided to project the images to her by me looking at the cards and sending the images telepathically, this worked well too,when her daddy was young we were actually able to do this through walls to each other,with one person acting as the sender and the other the receiver is normally how this test works.

She asked if she could say “dreams” to help, which I found interesting ! And she proceeded to tell me that she dreams of scarecrows in pools,well I’ve always dreamt of statues in pools since I was little (you can find that on blogs going way way back on here) I’ve never told her about that.

But the most interesting part to me was when she read that one of the cards was wavy lines but she saw them as white not black how they are on the card ,that is exactly how my psychic visions come through…like looking at a negative rather than a photograph,I always assumed it was because I am a photographer !

We tried one card while she held a spirit quartz, it didn’t help on this occasion, its probably clear quartz she needs to hold, but being a girlie girl she wanted to hold a sparkly pretty one.

Very impressive first try,if she had been concentrating properly she would of done even better,but she found it all strange and exciting, going to try again in a few weeks

You can view the video on Facebook if you are friends with me on there, it makes for interesting viewing

There is nothing dangerous about these tests, they are similar to memory games or psychological cognitive tests and are a good way to exercise the brain.NO they don’t attract paranormal activity in the slightest,if they did I would not put them near children !

In an adult getting a score of about 12/25 is seen as more than chance, she tested me,I havent been tested in years ,I got 17/25 I am a bit rusty !

test with druid oracle cards


Posted in phases and development with tags on August 19, 2010 by Psychic eevee

“they” say that psychic people go through trauma in order to become more spiritual……

this couldnt be more true for me, i have always had a bad life from the moment i was born,(i wont go into it all here ,this is not meant to be a sob story but almost anything traumatic you can think iof i have been through !!)  year by year it gets worse and worse, the reason i havent updated here for so long is that just when we thought we were getting over our son being stabbed and my husbands tumor we now find that i am facing the possibility of cancer ! i have also FINALLY been diagnosed with a neurological disorder that is life changing ,very disabling and can effect cognitive function (cognitive function is very important for psychic ability so i am working on ways to keep hold of it ), i already find i am having speech problems and  i will be more and more bedbound as it has been left so long (nearly 20 years in fact) also we face the possibility that our son is diabetic because he keeps collapsing and has all the symptoms,

BUT i have to find good in everything, maybe the reason i am stuck at home with various illnesses is so that i can concentrate on my psychic work rather than out and about doing paranormal investigations

maybe i am stuck at home with a neurological disorder because i have already started a study on the links between psychic ability and brain illness, what better way to study it than study myself : )

maybe i am stuck at home because “someone” wants me to finish writing my book

i dont know, but i am a great believer in things happening for a reason !!

this is why i have not blogged here for so long but i have as always kept a psychic notebook and i HAVE been being psychic still, although not as often due to my illness but that will be part of my study i am yet to blog ,so when i feel up to it i will copy what has been noted in my notebook and update you on all things psychic and i also have some more exciting discoveries about my past life to share with you soon ,thanks for your patience   …..catch up with you soon xx

empressselena wrote on Nov 16, ’10
Well I am still hoping it is not cancer. Hugs

reddylaugh wrote on Nov 16, ’10
It’s always good to hear from you………..I pray for healing for you and yours…….

bhaynes24053 wrote on Nov 17, ’10
Hey Emma, think positive and positive things will come your way. That is what I always try to do. Things do happen for a reason I believe as well. Hang in there my friend everything will be better before you know it!

trickster2 wrote on Dec 11, ’10
If things happen for a reason , does that mean our lives are already mapped out ?I’m not commenting on the cancer scare until I catch up , but this is just unfair on you and Beardie .

readingsbyeevee wrote on Dec 21, ’10
well if things happen for a reason it better be to make me more psychic to help others cos what we have been through in the last 14 yrs since we married (and since childhood for me !) is really not fair : (

catch up time and moving up a level 7 sep 09

Posted in phases and development with tags on August 16, 2009 by Psychic eevee

its been a long time since i blogged here due to trouble i was having with multiply so here is a catch up ……

premonitions,although i dont have them as much as i used to i had another one about Michael Jacksons death being pronounced as a murder and i also had a dream of a large black car going over a hill into water and landing on its roof (this happened in UK when a little girl let off the handbrake while sitting in her grandparents car,luckily she jumped out to safety

locations…i got taken over by the spirit of a woman at a private house investigation,thankfully this doesnt happen often,names picked up at that location by myself and another investigation were found to be true and we also found a grave in the town near the house with the correct name for one of the spirits we had picked up on

i dreamt that a woman was shot by a chinese woman,this could be classed as a partial hit…my friends niece was shot outside a chinese takeaway !! the day after my dream

when i met an aquaintance of my sons a year ago i had really disturbing feelings around him,i felt he was a very dark person and didnt like my son being with him or him being in our house,my son recently found out that the person is a Nazi sympathiser ggrrrr and he has cut off all contact with him because he does not wish to be associated with someone like that,i also said a year ago that he didnt seem to be who he said and i felt he was a liar,turns out he tells different people different things about himself..anyway,good riddance is what i say !!

i dreamt that a long lost brother of mine i had not seen for ten years and only met twice ten years ago appeared,a week later he contacted the family out of the blue

my son had lots of friends round for a BBQ and i ended up doing two in depth readings,one of the guys i read for ended up in tears because i had got so much correct,while i was doing his reading i asked if the name Helen meant anything to him,he said no,just at that moment another guy walked in to the room as i said helen,he took one look at me and walked out,he confided in me later that evening that Helen was his sister and she would have been 15 that day if she had lived

on 23rd of august in the evening i suddenly felt really panicky and sad,i didnt know why,we found out the next morning that a young lad in the next village had just dropped dead in the street around the time i had the feelings,how tragic and sad,he was only 18

i did a good reading for a client which i used psychometry and face to face reading for (you can only read it though if you are on my friends list)

around the 3rd sept i had a few days of really strange happenings and feel that i may now be moved up another level in my abilities

it started with the humming i hear changing pitch,it never does that and is usually a constant drone,it changed pitch so often it sounded like a radio being tuned in,this was accompanied by the vibrating i feel being so strong i felt i may levitate or something LOL it was really annoying me as i was finding it hard to sleep !!

when i did get to sleep i had the weirdest dream

i was on a bed with Oriental looking people all around me,they were touching my head and saying they were changing my vibrations,they said that i needed to observe my son in the future because he would be just like me…at 5.30am i woke up feeling rather spooked because it was one of those dreams where you can actually FEEL what is happening,for some reason i was drawn to my office which is in the guest bedroom,i felt drawn to look out of th window and saw the most gorgeous GOLD full moon,it was just starting to get light,i am a photographer and i remember looking at it thinking “thats a prize winning shot” my camera was in the room,so why didnt i take a photo ? because i was disturbed by some interference by the window,that sounded like the tuning in noise i had heard earlier only this time it was not in my head it was by the window,i could hear mumbling voices in it and it distracted me,it was nothing to do with any electrical equipment in my office because i have OCD and constantly check that all electrics are unplugged at night

later that day my husband decided he wanted to go to the woods were we often see strange lights,we went for a daytime wander and the minute we got in we felt soooo drained it was bizarre,i can understand me feeling like that due to my health issues but my husband is very fit and healthy,yet he felt he had to go to sleep immediately

fast forward to later that evening,my husband was walking the dogs near the woods and came home to tell me to come outside,there was a really loud humming noise (it was not the tinnitus type humming,for a start my husband doesnt have tinnitus like i do and secondly we recorded the noise) ..i went out and could hear it too,it sounded like a landed UFO or something so we went to investigate with some equipment and watched in amazement as a strange light hovering above the field came on and off and seemed to react to my camera flash !! we managed to film it and it will be on my paranormal website when i get round to it,we dont know what it was but it was certainly strange after the funny experiences we had been having

what baffled me the most was the bizarre lifelike dream of the oriental people…i wondered if they symbolised “spiritual ” people to me due to my love of buddhism but on speaking to a friend who is a UFO expert she told me that certain types of “aliens” which are described as oriental looking are the ones that upgrade peoples psychic abilities ……uuuuummmm im not really sure about that as UFOlogy is not really my field but i guess you  can never say never and it does fit in with the light we saw etc

i am now waiting to see if my abilities have indeed been “upgraded” only time will tell

reddylaugh wrote on Sep 8, ’09
Very interesting…..

bhaynes24053 wrote on Sep 8, ’09
I am glad you got time to post.That is a very weird dream you had about the oriental peeps. I know that had to perplex you!


Posted in phases and development with tags on August 16, 2008 by Psychic eevee
it is interesting that psychic ability goes through phases !! its almost as though someone is watching and marking you on your ability then allowing you to move on to the next stage,like some sort of spirit college course !!
i started out being sensitive,just sensing that spirits were around but not being able to see them or hear them
i then moved on to hearing and seeing them,then automatic writing and psychic art.
I realised recently i have always been an empath since childhood (i take on the emotions of people and spirits which can be kind of embarrassing when i suddenly burst into tears for no reason or take on spirit pain for example if they died of heart problems i will get chest pain)the strangest phase was the premonitions,at one point i was having up to three a week and in the last few months this has stopped,in a way i am glad,premonitions particularly about tragedies are awful,they make you feel so helpless,knowing you knew about it but there was nothing you can do,it is very rare indeed for the police to take any premonitions seriously,if i had phoned the police everytime i had a premonition they would have charged me with harrassing them !!! it got to the point where i dreaded going to sleep incase i dreamt another premonition.

currently my readings for people seem to be the latest phase along with the crazy ability to capture some really good evp;s wherever i go,that may also be down to my commitment to that subject and the various experiments i have carried out,evp work requires alot of commitment and time,the longer you do it the better the results,i have gone from getting one word to sentences that answer me (see the paranormal blog site) this does seem to be my “speciality” and a well known psychic said that they saw me in a magazine in a vision regarding my evp work,i wonder if that will come true

i have also noticed that i get spirit visits in my dreams now,i cant explain exactly how i know these are visits but the dreams are totally different to normal ones and a lot more vivid.

one thing i do not look forward to and dont want to work on is trance mediumship where a spirit takes over the body and voice of the medium,i have been taken over three times in the past and that was scary enough,but at least i did not speak in their voices,i have done transfiguration a couple of times (where the face seems to change in photos) that can be quite frightening !!

The first time i was told i would be a psychic was 16 years ago when we had our poltergeist,i showed a medium we called out some strange writing i had done,she told me it was automatic writing and that i would end up being a psychic,she also said my son would be one too and he could be if he worked on it,he prefers to leave it at the sensitive stage.
Also the top poltergeist expert who came out to deal with our case said i was experiencing the poltergeist phenomena as i was being prepared to be a psychic ,he told me to learn about it and i did,in fact i have not stopped

mixednuts62 wrote on Sep 30, ’08
question, when you get these spirit visits, do you see them in black and white or in color?
i agree with you about the police. i think the police is cynical about psychics because it is not based on science. it is not exact.
how do explain the feeling of restlessnes, difficulty sleeping, a mental image of the person, the smell of candle burning, then learning later on, to your shock and unbelief, the person has died?

tajine1978 wrote on Sep 30, ’08
🙂 Loved the blog..

readingsbyeevee wrote on Oct 1, ’08

question, when you get these spirit visits, do you see them in black and white or in color?
i agree with you about the police. i think the police is cynical about psychics because it is not based on science. it is not exact.
how do explain the feeling of restlessnes, difficulty sleeping, a mental image of the person, the smell of candle burning, then learning later on, to your shock and unbelief, the person has died?

when i see them in front of me fully formed they are in colour but when i pick up on them in my third eye they look like negatives !! i think that is because i am a photographer LOL seeing them as negatives though is quite annoying because i dont get any detail i then have to concentrate really hard to convert the image
i think the police would do well to get with the times and start using psychics !! just think how many old unsolved cases could be solved.
what you describe,is that something you experienced ? would love to hear more

readingsbyeevee wrote on Oct 1, ’08

🙂 Loved the blog..

thanks : )

mixednuts62 wrote on Oct 3, ’08
these symptoms i mentioned happen to me when someone close to me dies. first time was when my maternal grandmother died. i was at work, i was 23 at the time and all day long i have been restless. paced the floor back and forth. ( i was a salesclerk then), anxious for some reason and had a mental image of my grandmother. when i left the mall, i felt cold breeze on my face, which is weird because it was hot. when i got home, i found my youngest sister who was five at the time crying, next to my grandmother’s lifeless body. there were a couple of neighbors there. my sisters arrived and they told me they tried to find me at the mall but i had already left. the neighbors told me the time my grandma died. and it was around the time i left the mall and felt the cold breeze on my face.
next time i flet my grandma’s presence was when i went home to rest after the vigil. i was by myself and i was about to go to bed. i smelled candles burning. saw her in my mind kissing me that morning before she died. i didn’t know that was gonna be the last day i would see her alive. my grandmother visits me in my dreams and i always see her in black and white.
second time i had these feelings were when my ex-boyfriend died in 2005. he was the first relationship i had after my divorce. he was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma and we were hopeful he would beat the disease. he went thru chemo but it didn’t work. then bone marrow transplant. he went to cleveland clinic and unfortunately the transplant didn’t take. after that he told me to go away and won’t answer my phone calls.
after we broke up, i started dating another guy. one night i couldn’t sleep at my boyfriend’s house. i was tossing and turning so i went downtairs so as not to disturb my boyfriend. then fell asleep on the couch.
next day i went home. went to bed and started smelling candles. it filled my whole bedroom. i haven’t thought about my ex for a while because i was hurt and angry at him for telling me to go away. but that night i saw him standing at the curb of his building ( oncology building…it’s actually like a hotel because you have your own room and family members can stay with you)…he smiled at me and said, ” i never thought i would miss you”. this is probably the closest thing to i love you coming from him.
next day while i’m walking to my department an oncology nurse who used to take care of my ex stopped me and said she was sorry. she said she knows my bf was special to me. i kept thinking WAS?. she must have seen the shock on my face and hugged me as i burst into tears.
i showed up for work. got hold of a newspaper at some point and there it was, he died the day i smelled the candles.
my brother died last july. so i had to go home to the philippines. it was the day after his funeral when i felt a shadow that walked past me.
so how do you explain people experiencing these things and those who haven’t?