One card reading Mon 5th Feb 2018

Reading for Mon 5th Feb 2018 (good witch, bad witch oracle)  ******* Because the meanings for these cards are short I have picked two (Water witch): This card reveals that your memory is like water, flowing into rivers and seas borne on courage, patience and faith.  When calm like a pool you can reflect  When […]

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Tattoo day coincidences !!

On my 46th birthday and 21st wedding anniversary my hubby surprised me,I got up in the morning and he said “you know those tattoos you have been waiting years for…you are getting them today” !!! I was overjoyed . So off we went to the tattoo shop,I already had the designs in my head,they are […]

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The big pilgrimage day part 2

For my early birthday we went on our Bowie/Bolan pilgrimage part 2 which was started on my birthday last year and that became the day that the rock star contact started ! We still had more places to see (and we still have not finished) We left here at 4:30 am We went back to […]

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