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about my workmy other websites May 15, 2012 Comments: 3

hello, this is my new psychic log site because rumour has it that “multiply” where I have been for years may be closing : (

I am 40 years old and a psychic / paranormal investigator and photographer

I recently became disabled so do not get to do as much work as I used to

my 22 year old son is also a sensitive and paranormal investigator

my husband is a paranormal investigator with special interest in UFOs

I have run my own paranormal group HGH UK PARA since 2000, we have investigated 100s of locations from private houses to top secret mansions

I now mainly specialise in private house cases , clearance and poltergeists…my main method of investigating is by EVP

here are my websites

my main psychic website

I specialise in psychometry, reading from photographs, location readings and I am learning to do “remote viewing” for unsolved crimes, I have helped with a murder in Canada

my main photography site

my urb ex / dereliction photography

my graveyard photography ( which has been used by many students and also for a theatre production of Dracula)

facebook :

twitter :!/psychiceevee


spiritual networks

or look for me under the name “psychic eevee”



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