My crafts : key to the fairy kingdom

This one is just for fun because grand daughter and myself are crazy on fairies I got this Xmas tree ornament from tescos reduced for 50p I painted it bronze and silver, added fairy related charms,purple ribbon, fairy bells,the beaded heart came from an old necklace, and I added a rhodonite crystal and two small […]

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Snow :)

Finally,we have decent snow,I was overjoyed to wake up to this, snow in our part of the country is always pathetic and never usually settles Our garden henge has almost vanished Inside the fairy forest is so pretty I do not know if the lights will come on in the forest tonight,I hope so,that will […]

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The fairy stone

How is this for strange ! I was babysitting at my grandkids house the other day and I was standing in the garden,out of the corner of my eye I noticed a particular stone ,out of hundreds ! When I turned it over I saw my grand daughter’s initial “A” At first I thought it […]

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Lights in the fairy forest

The fairy forest we made is so magical now, I bought some solar fairy lights and weaved them through the trees, I wish these photos were better ,I will do some more with my proper camera soon. I chose bright white to make it look like “will o the wisps” and also I thought coloured […]

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Fairy cats ! (I have one)

I have blogged about my cat before but I saw this on Facebook and loved the further coincidences …. We did not know he was a Norwegian forest cat for years ,he has another breed in him though because his face shape is slightly different,its funny how my son called him chili though,considering snow is […]

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