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All through this reading I smelt popcorn !! did someone work in a cinema or meet someone in a cinema ?


I see a man with darkish blonde hair hugging you, he is tall, he seems to be dressed in 1950s clothes


The name Edwin comes to mind, I do not know if that is the name of the man that I see


I am seeing violets in small posy like bunches, I see an elderly lady and a little girl with her hair in curls making these bunches together, they are laughing and very happy


There is worry about someone’s kidneys ? I do not think it is anything too serious but should be looked into, the person is getting right sided lower back pain spreading to the hip


There is an elderly man with a large dog that looks like a wolfhound, he is smoking a pipe and he has rickets or something to do with his legs ? maybe even polio


I am seeing twin babies in spirit ? or it is one of a twin


The name Maggie / Marge


A house with white door that is down the bottom of a hill , a large family lived there ,it has been empty for a few years and there is debate about what to do with it

a lady looking like she is from the 1940s pushing a bicycle, she is delivering important papers


The name Olive or Olivia


Someone is telling me that you or someone close to you is really depressed at the moment, they seem like everyone has abandoned them ? they feel that relatives do not visit enough

time to start a new hobby , how about crafts that the person can sell to make a bit of money


now I am seeing shells, lots of shells and a scene of not the seaside but sort of a lake, it is very grey and the weather is not nice, there is a wooded area behind with a lot of dogs barking

someone goes to this area to think


Has there been a tense time with a young male in the family, has he been lying about something and causing problems for people ? I see that he has recently had a relationship that has come to an end , the problems he is causing are due to his inability to deal with that


Someone has/ has had issues with thrombosis in the legs or varicose veins, I feel more that it is thrombosis


An old lady singing “she’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes”


A teacher, someone had a very tough time with a teacher, this lowered their self esteem and it was almost a bullying type situation


I hear an old ladies voice, she is saying “Esther is with me” I do not know what that means


I see something made of wicker which is very sentimental to someone, it looks like kind of a wicker animal but I cannot make out which animal it is, it seems to me that someone actually made it by hand for the person that they gave it to, this person may have spent a lot of time in hospital and it was a kind of therapy for them to make it.


The name Michael


Someone has been thinking of having a tarot reading, the old lady that I sense thinks this is funny and it “tutting” she thinks it is all nonsense


“moon river “ ? do not know what that means, is it a song ? it must be because now I can hear “blue moon”

the blue moon could symbolise that someone feels they are “standing alone”


Someone has been having palpitations , panic attacks almost


A brooch with an opal / pearl in it which has been mislaid ?


I am being told that you are doing the right thing, but do not do it just yet !!

I do not know what that is in relation to


A lot of thinking about some land  and what to do with it ?


Some rescue dogs , has someone taken two or three of them in recently ?

Someone is also wanting to volunteer to help rescue dogs


Someone is telling me that you “clock watch” far too much, that you need to slow down and not be so keen to have everything running “like clockwork”

It is time to start taking time out for yourself


The colour yellow, this symbolises that you are a happy person ,with a sunny disposition, people can rely on you to cheer them up : ) but I am also being told that you need to start thinking about yourself more and that you do hide a side of yourself that can be quite withdrawn


A church, someone is questioning their religion ? that is because they have started to become more interested in the spiritual / paranormal side of things, they do however worry what their friends and relatives would think about that !


Egypt and someone saving up for a holiday of a lifetime in Egypt ? I think they may be wanting to do that in memory of someone who wanted to do that themselves but never got the chance !


Someone coughing a lot and clearing their throat ! I am sure that it symbolises they are afraid to speak out about something that is bothering them for fear of “tipping the apple cart” but could well symbolise someone with repeated chest illness ?


A bowl with dark water in it , this could symbolise a new interest in “new age” things or someone thinking of having a baptism to maybe reaffirm their religious beliefs ?


Someone has had a stroke or something like that and is having to learn to write with their non dominant hand ? they are getting very frustrated


Daffodils specifically white ones


This sounds ridiculous but a conversation about a kettle !!


A male energy who passed in a fire related death ?



the lady sent me these comments :

Thankyou so much Emma,
It all makes quite a lot of sense, and I am very grateful for your observations…
I am rather a sceptical person regarding all this, but am impressed by the initial findings
you have sent to me. I shall be reading it over and thinking about it all..many many thanks
i asked for more detailed comments and she replied :

There is nothing at all wrong as far as I can see, but I take my time over different comments, and think about them..if neccessary I will do as you ask, but so far all seems pretty clear.


quivers wrote on Sep 21, ’11
I don’t know if I should comment here but I do find this very interesting. I had a reading once when I was going through a divorce. What she told me then did not make a lot of sense to me. But 7 years later it was crystal clear. Sadly I can’t let her know because not to long after that she took her own life.
hugs evee: )
dlincognito wrote on Sep 21, ’11
Someday you have to do a reading on me. Science Fiction most likely. Very interesting stuff my favorite Hippie. 🙂
readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 22, ’11
quivers said

I don’t know if I should comment here but I do find this very interesting. I had a reading once when I was going through a divorce. What she told me then did not make a lot of sense to me. But 7 years later it was crystal clear. Sadly I can’t let her know because not to long after that she took her own life.
hugs evee: )

how sad about the lady who did your reading : (
I hope she is at peacethat is why I ask people to keep my readings, sometimes things become clear a lot later on and I like them to update me if that happens : )

hugs to you too, you are more than welcome to comment any time !

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 22, ’11

Someday you have to do a reading on me. Science Fiction most likely. Very interesting stuff my favorite Hippie. 🙂

certainly will, I need practice on reading men !! it is usually ladies that I read for


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Feb 14, ’09 6:23 PM
for everyone

a friend i have not long known on an internet community asked me for a reading
i have not had time as yet to do a full one but what is strange about this one is that every time he emailed me i got more and more information pop into my head,i am looking forward to attempting a full reading as i have not read many men,so its all a learning experience for me (thanks G for letting me practice on you xx)
a male who served time in prison and decided to change his life around,i feel this was for burglary or handling stolen goods,has been a rehabilitated person since and now helps others,im getting the late 1980’s for thissomeone who was arrested for a serious crime that they hadnt done,a year of hell following this and being shunned by the community ? sort of “set up”
is awaiting or recieved compensation but it hasnt stopped the shallow minded people around them from shunning them !! suicide was considered

a relationship with a female that was violent,and it was the woman who was violent not the man,it was a 7 year relationship the name cheryl or karen

the loss of a father figure early in life,around the age of 11

a lot of time spent being solitary so much so that it could border on agorophobia !!

more abuse in someones family not sure if it was physical or alcohol related abuse

someones mother was sent to hospital for mental illness,this was covered up as an embarrassment which made a child feel very sad indeed

the name clive

the name paul

the name sharon

someone sent to the army aged 18 or 19 hopin to “straighten them up”

watercolour paintings have helped someone gain insight into their life ?

a door number 17 or 117

a woman on the internet who is younger and in the process of divorce that you are keen on ? lives about 100 miles from you ?

a green house (as in where plants are grown) with white wood and broken glass that someone used to play in,at the end of a long thin garden

a blue or purple bike that someone went over the handle bars of and cut their chin,three stitches !!! i think age about 13/14

someone when they were young (aged about 6 ) found their grandmother passed away in a living room,this disturbed them greatly,the name im getting is Eunice,or Una something like that,although this was distressing it set them on the spiritual road

a worn grey (or was white but dirty) toy rabbit with black glass eyes,one eye missing that went everywhere with someone and they still have it in the loft or something

i dont know why im getting such sad info right now this is very unusual,i feel quite sorrowful but know that i shouldnt as this person has had  this happen for a reason and has made  them the lovely person they are now

G’s reply

well ! the sadness you are picking up on, just about sums my life up…ha ha
feed back……….
yes ! myself and i’m older son have both been inside mine was around the end of the 80’s( my son recently )
yes ! i was in a relastionship for 7 yrs ish with a girl called Karen, and yes it was shit !!
( had 3 kids )
have just come out of another 7 yr relastionship too ( another 2 children, who live with me ) been on my own since april,
yes ! i lost my father at the age of 11
green house aswell, in the garden when we moved in ( now gone, kept rabbits in it fenced in with white wood…
there is also a clive & paul in the family !
i have fallen from many a bike, colours ? with a faceful of tarmac ! who cares lol
army? could be my dad ?
rabbit ? possible, i have things in the loft from an old partner that passed to the light
could tie in with some of the other things ??
i will hold all the other bits hun, as you have been pretty spot on so far
thank you very much x

bless you hun x

reddylaugh wrote on Feb 15, ’09
Wow! Great validation on your abilities, Eevee! You know me pretty well, but if you want to see what you pick up on me, I wouldn’t mind. Shall I send you a pic or a bit of something from my past? I know you’re busy but someday, sometime, whatever–I am extremely patient -so let me know if you want to “practice” on me! xoxoxoxo

readingsbyeevee wrote on Feb 15, ’09

Wow! Great validation on your abilities, Eevee! You know me pretty well, but if you want to see what you pick up on me, I wouldn’t mind. Shall I send you a pic or a bit of something from my past? I know you’re busy but someday, sometime, whatever–I am extremely patient -so let me know if you want to “practice” on me! xoxoxoxo

yes i can try and read from you,or maybe john as i dont know him as well as you


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this lady i have only known for a few weeks and she is pretty new to multiply so hasnt written many blogs that i could have read,she is the same lady i did the past life reading for

did you have a 4 to 5 year relationship with a guy who had issues and you came out of it feeling worn out ? it took you at least a year to feel yourself again
possibly a name like jason or mason
i was in a relationship for around about 4 years that is exactly what you are saying.. however his name was johnny, but his best friend was named jason, and we used to fight cos i though johnny was in love with jason, hehehehehehehe.. it messed with my head a little, so yeah, took me bout a year to come around. I still believe he had a crush on him, man love.. heheheh

i see a little girl around you with calipers on her legs,her name could be lucinda,not sure if this is a spirit im seeing (maybe one of the kids you hear in your
house) or its someone you know

im not sure what calipers are, and i dont know of the name in sprit form, however i work with a linda, we have a very special bond. she is wheelchairbound know, but in her earlier days she used to walk with leg braces?? maybe this is her.

i see a mans wedding ring that has been given to someone ,its a chunky design

im really unsure on this one.. i have a feeling it may be dads ring, and his wife has it.. but i cant remember what the ring looked like!

i am now seeing more children and they could be the ones your assamrah looked after but im also getting an all girls school called
“milligans or mulligans school for girls” this could have been in your local area in the past or could be to do with your family tree

i am not familiar with this name at all. but i dont have a large family, so im unsure about where and who they are and any of our past

a man named Len / Lenny / Leonard

i dont know of any of these names.

this sounds funny but someone with webbed feet !!!

my uncle has club feet, he is in the living world thou.

did someone you know recently book tickets to see a stand up comedian ? if you are not sure i feel you are going to be offered tickets

hehehehe this makes me laugh, i love comedians, i want to marry one in particular, so good chance my friends might have bought me a ticket to see him as a suprise, especially as we were just talking bout going to the melbourne comedy festival.

childhood friend or member in family tree who either drowned or had an illness with fluid on the lungs,i think this is a child

im not sure who this could be? i cant remember anyone in the family dying from anything like this

when you were young was there  a worry that you had leukemia ? turned out to be anemia thankfully

not that im aware of, but i did have a lot of other health issues as a kid.

Mrs Bell ? dont know who this is,could be a well loved teacher or something

heheheh mrs bell is a lady i grew up with, when my mum and i lived in a little flat, she lived in the one up from us. i used to love them , and preform song and dance for her and her parents.. they used to beg me to do this. she is still living, however her parents are not!

netball and medals or might be volleyball

i was taekwondo girl, but did do a lot of bowling , and got lots of trophies from bowling

the ages 9 , 14 and 22 significant ?

9 ????14, my parents divorced, 22 i lost a very sentimental and important piece of jewellry and i bought my own home
a happy childhood
it was mainly happy, but a lot of heartbreak and downs to,

the name christine
the name melvin
a swedish man is or will be important

unsure, i dont now one yet??
the name jenny
i work with a jenny, but cant think of another jenny that would have any signifigance
do you have a door in your house that either sticks or you hear it in the night opening and creaking ?
not at my house, but at my work there is some bad noises and a majorly pain in the ass door that keeps me up all night

did you recently realise that a female friend has been dragging you down and you have decided to disown her an M or J name.she lives in a pretty
run down house

now this is really funny.. both jane and i have recently disowned one of our friends called jackie, not sure about her house thou

i see another guide,a nun called sister bridget she is recent though,from the 1960s and she has huge glasses on,is there or was there a nunnery nearby

a nun, she must be appalled in me hehehehehe, is she throwing holy water at me, lol! there hasnt been a nunery around here,oly a church or 2 and christian\catholic schools

you have been offered or will be offered a sudden promotion at work but you may turn it down as it involves moving to the other side of Australia

fingers crossed, i could handle the move..
endometriosis or poly cystic ovaries ? you or someone close to you has suffered this
i have had endo since i was 13, and have just been told i am bordering polycystic ovaries

are you a godparent to someones son called jack ?

no, i am not a godparent at all

have you toyed with the idea of being a prison officer ?

hehehe i did once for a split ten minutes

do you have a large scar or birthmark on the outside of your thigh ? caused by falling onto glass if its a scar,if its a birthmark then its just a birthmark obviously !!

this cracks me up to, i have my left ankly sliced and scarred by falling glass, and i have a birthmark very close to my upper thy, shall we say, its in the area that sounds like Mutya and Sollange,!!! lmao
Ambrose avenue / Ambrose street
nup, never heard of it

did you used to be a bit of a tom boy and climb a big tree at a house with a blue door and the number 111 possibly grandparents home ?

i was definately a tomboy and used to climb a big treehous, i cant remeber what colour the door was thou and i dont remember a number there. But it was the treehouse located at my house as child.. i loved it, my dad built it for me. However the number 111 is rather significant to my dad..well 11 or 1 is..
a male solicitor
not sure on this one either???

i see a 1970’s “peacock” style wicker chair with beads hanging off it and silk scarves possibly

hehehehehe i have that chair in my spare bedroom, the scraves and a belly dancing skirt is draped around it

an old china doll with a yellow dress and dark red hair

not sure on this one either?????

although you are happy being single i think you will meet someone through an internet friend (possibly through jane) this will be in about a year he will be a mechanic
or engineer and about five years younger with a name like dale or del

hehehe this is funny to, jane was hoping to set me up with a friend of theres called dane via facebook. i have also caught up with a danny through facebook whom i met through other real life friends

did you once have an affair with a married man ? this may be what had made you want to be single for a long while

hehehehe my parents and my mums mistakes are what made me wanna be single.. mum was cheated on by my dad, so that did turn me off.. however, i was once with a guy who was sorta married, he was seperated and his wife had been in jail for 3 years for being a dirty skank.. was a mistake i regret and would never do again!
the name steve
i know a few steve’s, but none that have passed or none that i am close to

a black and white rabbit could be a childhood pet or toy

the wicker chair has sitting on it a giant black and white panda that ive had since i was born.i also got lots of bunny teddys given to me when i was a kid that i still have, but they arnt black n white

someone with a heart problem who either died from it or had a near death experience during a heart bypass op

dad died from heart attack, however not while having surgery, he didnt even know he had a bad heart. he died while smoking a bong, heheheheh~

did you or a female relative back out of a marriage at the last minute ?

certainly not me, no one has been stupid enough to propose to me.. mum has married anyone who gave her a ring, lol…i dont have any other women in my family.

a man with large ears who died of a brain problem / stroke at an early age,wearing a red shirt or jacket,was out in the street when it happened he had a newspaper
underhis arm so i think it was when he came out of a shop,he had a dog called gypsy or joker and he worked with something to do with ships (ask around if this means nothing to you because SOMEONE knows him )

this one has me stumped to, i will ask around and see who it may u have a rough time frame of when he died????

hey sweety, thank you so much for the reading. some of it i cant explain and im pretty sure it might be for someone else. but others could mean something so ill write my explanation with them. I f u ever pick up anything to do with a sunflower, please let me know. i have a feeling my dad left me a little gift, and am dying to know if it was him or not.. thank you so much for doing this awesome reading. hope some of my response clears it up for us both!

thanks for your quick reply,i dont think that was too bad a reading considering im pretty stressed at the mo and that can
kind of block me

i should have said that the names i give dont always mean someone who has passed they can just mean someone you know
i think some of this will become clear later (such as godparent to jack…that may be in the future)

some of the stuff about relatives from the past and locations such as the nunnery could go back 100s of years and you wouldnt be able to find out unless you did extensive research

personally im freaked out that i picked up on your chair LOL i havent seen any photos of your house and if you see by the “footprints” on your pages you will see exactly which blogs i have read
i also havent been given any info from jane,all i know is you met up once and had a blast,i do remember her blogging about that girl jackie but didnt know you were involved too

is it ok to post this ?
the dates i get for the man with the large ears are 1986 or 1996…bit vague i know,cos what i do is if you had said it meant something to you i would have tuned in further to get more info

thanks so much for letting me practice on you,much appreciated..sometimes i get more info for people in the days after their reading,i will let you know of course
im really wrapped with the reading, the more i read through it the more i go.. how freaky.. the boyfriend thing cracked me up, cos jane has been so keen for us to hook up.. but he aint my type.. but i guess u never know hey!

 I’m actually startin to recall somethin bout the man with big ears. The dog part has really hit the memory. So i will talk to mum bout it tomoz. As for linda. Well like i said we have a very special bond. She has been disabled most of her life but was born normal.  i always call her linda lu she calls me cin. So join em up and you have lucinder. Very good pick up girl.

ok cool thanks for the update i hope he does mean something to someone because he wants whoever it is to know that he is always round them and especially when they had the alcohol problem and court case…i think its a custody court case hes on about !! dont ask me what that means hee hee,actually just as i suspected he is now hanging round me trying to get more info across…oh why oh why cant they be more specific LOL


ok, heres all we could sorta come up with? lets see if he comes back to you.
mum thinks it may be her cousin.. she is hoping it isnt as there were some serious problems.  he died in the late 80’s and wouldve been about 30 at the time. he used to work on the warf’s.. thats about the only two things she could think of that would be significant to your reading. his name was ******
however, she did say that she nearly died as child due to drowning, and that she was diagnosed with anemia when she was a kid to. so maybe those were referring to her?
and also, the heart attack sufferer is not referring to my dad, its referring to her dad, he had a near death experience due to a bypass surgery years ago,,,, i cant believe i forgot that.

the name steve could also refer to a step family member
thanks so much for the update
and im so sorry if anything i mentioned brought up some bad memories of the past for your mum,please apologise to her for me
if its who you think it is then he aint welcome to come back to me thats for sure !!!! i will send him on his way ggrrrr
thats the trouble with doing these readings,sometimes people come through who are better off
staying out of it
well, we arnt a hundred percent sure if thats him, i cant see why he would be around.. but then again, maybe guilt. who knows.. if u get confirmation let me know.

mum wasnt upset at all, she is a tuff chicky.. she just said i wonder if its him.. its the only person we could think of that semi fits that description!
thank you for being so sensitive to mums feelings and privacy.. she isnt upset thou so dont stress.. she said to say tell him to get stuffed thou, if its him! lol! she is asking me how to get onto u now for a reading, so im making her join multiply to get on to your sites, she was very impressed!

thank u again for a great reading girl, it has been has made me laugh, made me sad and made me happy all in one …(not bad sad btw, just miss people sad)
 I will let mum know bout the readings. No doubt you will hear from her first. You know everyone will be knockin down your door now.

nutterb wrote on Jan 7, ’09
bloody awesome girl!

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jan 8, ’09
nutterb said

bloody awesome girl!

thankies xxx


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a good friend of mine asked me to take a look at a paranormal photo she had taken on an investigation at a derelict farmthis is my readingok i have had a look,the only explanation i can think of is that it is a reflection on an old panel of glass ? but i doubt that where you were there were any cars going by or lights,have attached the enhanced version
its hard to say as i wasnt there but i can tell you what info i am picking up on and i have to say im quite disturbed by it
i see a woman holding a baby and she has a fatal head injury,so much so that her skull is caved in,cannot see her face
she was walking to a lake to drown the baby his name is Robert and he is 3 weeks old.. and she was jumped by her brother or father and murdered..battered over the head with a rock (the baby is a result of incest)
before this event i see three men in discussion around an old bronze barrel that they used as a card table,one of the men has red hair,there is a dog that looks like an irish wolfhound laying at his feet
her name is millicent or constance (could be her first name and middle name) her surname is Matthis
the name macmanus also comes in somewhere
i dont know if what im getting is true and it may not be to do with the farm,could be from whatever was there before or even from the local area
the date i get is about 1911
i feel icy cold so it was winter time
the baby was sold to an older childless couple who renamed him ernest,this was sadly done because the family were about to go bust and lose their business,like i say i dont know if that was the farm or somewhere else
the surname robbins possibly

her reply
Ok lol, now as far as a panel of glass, their was no glass except what lay on the floor broken in pieces. The last name was Mann who owned the farm. Their was a baby room I ran across in one of the other house’s. I know this was a babys room because it had a baby blue elephant with black poka dots on it as a light switch plate. Very little was burned by the fire. The room gave me the creaps when I walked into it, As if i was stepping on a live grave! One of the other invesgitaters seen a woman standing in the doorway, not the one that i sent to you but one at a different house. Just caught a glimpse of her and she again was gone
But about the woman, I picked up on that myself, incest, abuse and murder. In my evp session Id asked if they’d been murdered. The farm is 46.? acres big. So a lake or pond was located on it at one time if it still isnt to this day.

my reply

so the name was mann , i take it those are the most recent owners….however macMANus might be where that came from !the baby i picked up is def not recent

its interesting how you also picked up on some similar info and how your team member saw a woman

nutterb wrote on Jan 5, ’09
ohhh thats an awefull story.. i have shivers now….

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jan 5, ’09
nutterb said

ohhh thats an awefull story.. i have shivers now….

yeah it wasnt nice for me to pick up on,specially seeing that poor woman !!

reddylaugh wrote on Jan 5, ’09
Holy smokes! You must be very brave to do this work, Eevee, when you know that you may get some really scary visions. Good on you dear friend. Take care. (btw – Matthis is my great-grandfather’s surname)

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jan 6, ’09

Holy smokes! You must be very brave to do this work, Eevee, when you know that you may get some really scary visions. Good on you dear friend. Take care. (btw – Matthis is my great-grandfather’s surname)

yeah sometimes it is really distressing,especially if its a premonition and there is nothing you can do to prevent itwow whats the odds of me picking up the name Matthis and it being linked to you !! ?

READING FOR G 28 sep 08

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attempted a reading for an internet friend,i found this a challenge as i had seen some of her blog and wasnt sure if i had read some of it and forgotten,but i will be able to go back and see exactly what i had read as multiply leaves footprints of the pages people visit,G’s replies are in redi see monkeys,do you want to go to gibraltar or it could mean you were born in the year of the monkey or the next year of the monkey will be important to you (i dont know much about chinese horoscopes) you or one of your children could have had a toy monkey or loved to visit them at the zoo,i dont know,whatever it is,monkeys figure somewhere !! i have a friend who is born in the year of the monkey,
do you suffer with pains in your hips ? you need to get your feet looked at,that could be whats causing it.  i have a bunion removed on my left foot three years ago. no pain at present.
i pick up that you were emotionally hurt badly by a female friend or relative and you find it hard to get close to women yes, my mother. i felt i  not was nurtured enough in my childhood.  my brother  and i were left in my grandparents’ care when we were young. all my friends are male. interestingly enough there were all my exes.
the age of 12 and 22 were big years for you but i get more the feeling that they were years that were bad my grandmother died. she was more of a mother to me than a grandma. my mom always worked. then my boyfriend broke up with me, in the same year. he was the only boyfriend  i had before i got married in u.s.
do you / did you or your daughter suffer from night terrors i do.
i see you washing your hands alot,do you have OCD or feel you want to wash your past away ? i am not sure if you read it from my blog. i have been a nurse for 17 years. it could have very well be a need to wash away the past.
Logs,do you love open fires in the winter ? oh, i love bonfires!!!
fire ? did someone you are related too have a fascination with fire when they were little,it almost got them in trouble omg! you are right on on this one eevee. this is what has haunted me all my life. when i was 5 or 6  i  lived with my grandparents. during that time, there was no electricity ( late 60s) in the country so we used gas lamps. one night i went upstairs  with the gas lamp to get ready for bed and the mosquito net went into flames. i must have gotten too close to the mosquito net. i almost set the house on fire. my grandfather saw what happened so he stopped the fire. he was so furious.
do you suffer from jaw trouble,like your jaw is stiff and clicks ? you may need your back teeth filed down or your wisdom teeth removed,you could need a gumshield at night,do you bite your tongue at night ? (sorry its the dental nurse in me LOL i suffer from TMJ. i have bad back teeth and i grind my teeth at night. i was prescribed a mouth guard at night but that wasn’t covered in my insurance so i don’t have it. i just had a dental check up last june. ( man, i’m impressed you picked up on this one!)
your 3rd eye is half open,i can see a purple aura round it,you ARE psychic wow! i wonder how you can develop that?
someone was adopted or wants to adopt my youngest sister is adopted. my mom adopted her when she was three months old. it was my dad’s child from an affair. she doesn’t know she’s adopted. my boyfriend wants to adopt a baby.
journalism,are you interested in it ? i love to write.
your son does have or will have an older man who is like a mentor type figure,the name jim or jimmi seems to fit i hope this is true. my son needs a father figure. my son mentioned his boss calling him whenever there is a roofing job. he has been teaching anthony the ropes of roofing. according to my son, his boss told him that he learns fast and that his boss prefers to work with him because he is a good worker.
i feel alot of your problems are past life related ..this is something you should look into yes. issues of abandonment and emotional deprivation. i told you why. i made peace with my parents, but still struggle with abandonment issues because i keep to myself and don’t have a lot of friends. it is hard for me when a friend moves away.
are you thinking of having art classes,specifically fine art ? you SHOULD do it.i’ve always been interested in art. the closest i could come up with is photography. hasn’t thought of fine art. i bought a good camera nikon d300 body only for starters. later on when i have saved up, i wanna get the rest of the parts like lenses and all that good stuff.
a lady called Eleanor from 1910-1920 period,figures around your home, she may have lived there,she watches over you i get that she used to collect blue and white plates or china. you know what, this house is built in the 1900s. i don’t want to tell anyone but i have been hearing somebody talking softly, a woman’s voice. it happens at night. i feel like there are shadows but when i look again it’s gone. i would rationalize it is just my imagination or i’m just scaring myself. i am not making it up. i don’t feel a negative energy, it is positive. it could have been a side effect of my psych meds.

 75% of what you said is true. i’m not quite sure about the rest. maybe it hasn’t happened yet or maybe i cannot remember. tell you what, you have picked up the pulse of my life. the ones that mattered. i haven’t blogged about the fire and you picked it up. i was blown away. i hope this was helpful to you. you can publish this if you want.

tajine1978 wrote on Sep 30, ’08
Interesting reading…

vixen719 wrote on Nov 14, ’08
interesting indeed! Eevee, i think you’re getting better and better at this. keep it up! 😉

readingsbyeevee wrote on Nov 14, ’08
thanks Valerie : ) hope you are well xxxx