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Grand daughters singing debut

Posted in indigo kids, singing and music on November 28, 2017 by Psychic eevee

You may have seen my previous blog about our grand daughter and her up coming singing debut.

Well she did it, and how very proud we are 🙂

She sang at the local Xmas lights switch on with her daddy (our son)

No nerves at all,even though her teacher from school came to watch

It sure was a family talent day,first her auntie Angel sang, then her daddy sang,then her mummy and daddy sang together

Here is a video

She did so well considering she only turned five in October, she doesn’t know but we have got her this for Xmas,she REALLY wants it 🙂

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If you are interested in my sons music please go to his Facebook 

He does covers and his own original music

nathan james king music


Indigo again

Posted in indigo kids on November 28, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Remember I said we keep seeing a lorry with “the future is indigo” on it,but only when our indigo grand daughter is with us ?

We took the grandkids to “wacky warehouse” on Saturday, and saw an indigo sign again

I have never heard of this company until recently, its little “coincidences” like this that I love 🙂

UPDATE here is one of the lorries but this one does not have “the future is” on it

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One card reading for Mon 13 Nov 2017 and grand daughters first gig !!

Posted in indigo kids, one card Monday readings, rainbows, rainbows/prisms on November 13, 2017 by Psychic eevee

reading for Monday 13th November 2017






Your creativity guides are advising you that there is no way to avoid risk if you wish to live a creative life. 

Stop worrying about making right and wrong choices, and view all of them as creative opportunities. 

Be glad that you have the freedom to make choices at all, and realise that no matter what you choose you will create something. 

If you do not like the result then simply go back to the drawing board and make new, and hopefully better choices. 

Your creativity guides remind you not to look and life in terms of black and white, me against you, all or nothing. 

You are a creative spirit regardless of what else is going on in your life. 

Assess your creations with appreciation and respect. 

Wether good, bad or indifferent they all reflect your creativity. 

Celebrate everything you enjoy and don’t fret over the rest. 

See your less desirable creations as interesting rough drafts and follow your creativity guides advice… “go back to the drawing board”

for me personally : a rainbow yet again, rainbows keep coming up since our second grand daughter was born!  

Well I am always creating things and actually just wrote a list of craft things I want to make. 

The guitar jumps out at me because on Saturday our grandkids were at ours and we’re both playing their guitars, also our oldest granddaughter is soon to be doing her first “gig” with her daddy, they will both be singing and he will be playing guitar, they will be singing an Eva Cassidy song, she is who our second grand daughter is named after and that is where the rainbow link comes in because Eva Cassidy was well known for covering the song “somewhere over the rainbow ”

So proud of our grand daughter, here she is rehearsing for her big gig, click for video

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Inside an Indigo kids mind

Posted in indigo kids on November 12, 2017 by Psychic eevee

This just amazed me,this is a short video of our grandkids playing, they decided to play with some of my altar items,but just listen to what our grand daughter is saying ! And this is not anything we have told her to say

Here is a transcript of the relevant parts where she is talking about environmental issues

She says: the earth’s gone all black, it’s broken. The sun’s gone forever. The stag is about the sun  the hare is about the moon (she is right that is what they symbolise in Wicca) ,we must check the sun and moon every day, trying to save the earth, saying to alien never come to this island again it’s dangerous, the moon is gone

Grand son with my sun stag I made and grand daughter with my moon gazing hare I made

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The fairy stone

Posted in coincidences, fairies and fairy garden, indigo kids, psychic finds, rocks and stones on October 14, 2017 by Psychic eevee

How is this for strange !

I was babysitting at my grandkids house the other day and I was standing in the garden,out of the corner of my eye I noticed a particular stone ,out of hundreds !

When I turned it over I saw my grand daughter’s initial “A”

At first I thought it had been written on it but it is part of the stone !!

The funny thing is,since she has been able to walk and talk we have collected stones together and I have always told her that the white fairy stones with pink veins on them like this one are “fairy stones” !!

I also love these stones because they are kind of like moonstone

Another sign I think that she will be very happy in her new house ! 🙂

The first sign was finding the birth trees for her and her brother in the garden !

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