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Lookalike vase !

Posted in indigo kids, lookalikes, psychic finds on June 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I did my usual and was “drawn” to a charity shop…..

I found this vintage style vase and cannot believe how much it looks like my grand daughter !!

In fact one of my friends thought I had got a photo of her printed onto it !!

I always said my grand daughter looks 1920s !

But this amazed me 🙂

If you have seen videos of my grand daughter when she was about three you will see it immediately ,I don’t have a close enough photo on my tablet unfortunately but you get the rough idea

UPDATE I showed her the vase today

And she had her natural curls today like the vase girl,even she could see the similarity

So not only does she looks like the “BlackBerry picker” painting I have ,but now this (I have blogs about that in the past life section)

Another bee rescue and educating the grandkids

Posted in animals, indigo kids on June 10, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Today our grandkids learnt how to save tired bees, (obviously we taught them not to get too close) I found one floundering on a bit of wood and I showed them how to feed it honey (or sugar water/jam/anything sweet) on a long spoon !! To give it energy. I told them to get a grown up to do it until they are older as I obviously do not want them to get stung.

We did that,then moved it into a quite part of the garden and fed it some water, they were fascinated when they saw it go from literally dying to waving its legs,turning round and finally flying away when it was recovered.

Awww look at little Isaac holding geedees head to make sure he doesn’t get stung !

Arwen with some water at the ready

Lol look at Isaacs face !!

Because we are Pagan we make nature a huge part of the time we spend with our grandkids but we think it is important for ALL children, we are overjoyed that our grand daughter has got a place in a school that has special forest days and has a huge nature garden and tree house, she starts there in September:)

Oh by the way,Isaac has had his check up on his broken arm, thankfully no nerve damage *phew* and just a few more weeks with the cast on,hopefully he will not walk in front of anymore swings,he has learnt to draw with his left hand now so it looks like he will be ambidextrous like me.

Hubby is forever saving bees and I love that he loves all kinds of animals and creatures
Yet another stray dog came to our door the other week,they always seem to know to come to him,we found its owner within an hour ,it was a lovely greyhound.

do not re blog /share or reproduce please

Broken arm !!! Grandmas warning from spirit world ?

Posted in ancestors, coincidences, indigo kids, medical experiences, psychic families, spirit box transcripts, spirit guides on May 29, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday our little two year old grandson walked in front of a ten year old girl who was in a swing,she sent him flying and he has a clean break in his arm above his elbow 😦 poor little guy ,he was very brave though apparently. He has a sort of cast that is just on the back of his arm til the swelling goes down,then next week he gets a full cast.

It seems my grandmother in the spirit world was trying to let me know the day before !

She used to be a nurse in the navy during WW2

Twice I came across her surname in one day ,which is an unusual name

Then I was going through a spirit box transcript (for a rockstar) and this came up

She often interrupts my work and I assumed it was because she was worried about my health issues at the moment, but it seems that maybe she knew about grandson before it happened ?

She does tend to be my guide and give warnings if it is anything medical related !

Miss you grandma ❤


we went to see him today,he is being very brave,we took him a new toy car,he was happy about that,he needs to have nerve conduction tests because the break is in the exact same place where my ulnar nerve was trapped ! And part of his bone is slightly displaced #worrying

This shows how tough he is,this was the day it happened,mind you I think he was away with the fairies on diamorphine,his daddy told me that grandson was most upset about his t shirt, he had chosen it himself from the shop that morning and it had to be cut off at the hospital 😦
UPDATE: two days later my hubby had to take our son to hospital, he dropped a flat pack wardrobe on his foot and it might be broken !

So on the 6th baby Isaac is up the fracture clinic and on the 7th his daddy is up there !!


Druid animal oracle test with grand daughter #1

Posted in ancestors, animals, druids, experiments, indigo kids, oracles, symbols, tarot and oracles, telepathy, zener cards and psychic tests on May 20, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I had been wanting this Druid animal oracle for years and finally managed to get a cheap copy second hand,my grand daughter always has success with a smaller animal oracle set I have which she has been familiar with since she was tiny so I thought she might like to try this one.

First I explained to her about Druids ,she has heard them mentioned in Marc Bolans song “ride a white swan”

Wear a tall hat like the Druids in the old days

Wear a tall hat and a tattooed gown

we sing that song a lot.

Then I explained about the Awen symbol that is on the back of the cards and very like her name…she liked that.

I explained that the names of the animals on the cards were in Gaelic in the explanation book which comes from Scotland and so do some of her ancestors.

Taking it very seriously as usual.

She wanted to make it an ESP /guessing test like when we used the zener cards.

So I shuffled the cards and at first just let her pick them randomly after we decided :

I predicted she would pick the owl and the dog and she predicted she would pick the dog and the horse.

After quite a few tries of just quickly picking at random she had not found them although it’s interesting to note she had found :

The raven which is my husbands power animal

The wolf which is technically a dog

The fox which is her brothers favourite toy that goes everywhere with him

And a wren which she insisted was a robin because that is her special bird.

She finally got the dog card after she started talking about her dreams,if you saw the zener card test you will know that helped her that time too.

Then I decided to “send ” her the horse card,I told her to imagine stroking the horse….she found the card straight away !!

Then she wanted to play hide the cards,she went in the living room while I hid them in the kitchen, my kitchen has a lot of stuff in it,she found them straight away.

Here is another blog about her being Druid like !!

And her previous psychic test


Some coincidences

Posted in animals, coincidences, indigo kids, owls on May 6, 2017 by Psychic eevee

For days my hubby has been complaining of his eye twitching, I woke up really early in the morning in pain and took my meds,I turned the TV on and just randomly watched whatever was on,I don’t even like this programme !

Last night we were babysitting at my sons and we were watching “Pete’s dragon” which none of us had ever seen before,at the exact same moment our grand daughter was drawing an owl on a branch….

One appeared on the film in a book !!

She said something really sweet “grammi I need medicine for my altar” I thought: oh,she’s been hanging around with Pagans too much,then I realised she meant ULCER ,she has a sharp canine tooth like me and it’s rubbing on her lip….

Talking of pagan, she insisted on going through my diary to find out the moon phase for geedees birthday 🙂