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The fairy stone

Posted in coincidences, fairies and fairy garden, indigo kids, psychic finds, rocks and stones on October 14, 2017 by Psychic eevee

How is this for strange !

I was babysitting at my grandkids house the other day and I was standing in the garden,out of the corner of my eye I noticed a particular stone ,out of hundreds !

When I turned it over I saw my grand daughter’s initial “A”

At first I thought it had been written on it but it is part of the stone !!

The funny thing is,since she has been able to walk and talk we have collected stones together and I have always told her that the white fairy stones with pink veins on them like this one are “fairy stones” !!

I also love these stones because they are kind of like moonstone

Another sign I think that she will be very happy in her new house ! πŸ™‚

The first sign was finding the birth trees for her and her brother in the garden !

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Grand daughters new spirit animal ?

Posted in indigo kids, INFJ, power animals /totem animals, unicorns on October 3, 2017 by Psychic eevee

(Starlight unicorn by Lisa Parker,who made my lovely new tarot cards)

Our oldest grand daughter seems to have a new spirit animal,it is not uncommon for people to have a selection of different spirit animals at different times in their development.

She has always had the Robin and that still visits her in our garden but now she is crazy on unicorns ! I know they are currently fashionable but she has actually loved them since she was tiny,way before the unicorn craze started recently.In fact when she had just learnt to walk she was fascinated with my novelty unicorn slippers πŸ™‚

The other week,you can see by this picture that she insisted that we all take unicorns out with us,including me !

We even had to strap the unicorn into the car to make sure it was safe 

At the weekend she came over for the day and was looking at my new cards,she was overjoyed to find a unicorn

It is her 5th birthday today,I have made her this for her new unicorn themed bedroom,that she had designed around a unicorn snow globe I got for her

I have got her lots of other things too but I bet she will just LOVE these unicorn fairy lights πŸ™‚

This is the globe I gave her that she designed her room round

She even has slippers like mine

unicorn stuff in her room,I had to take these pics in the dark

Border on the walls

A cushion

Painting her mummy did

she has got lots more unicorn stuff

Anyway, here is some symbology behind the spiritual meaning of the unicorn as a spirit animal

I find this very interesting because she is very creative ,she is very in tune with mother earth and the environment for someone so young and although it mentions working with psychic/intuitive kids this is written for adults.

She is an indigo…..psychic and intuitive !!

And the part about seeing past illusions until the truth is revealed is something that an INFJ is good at ,I am one and I suspect she will be when she is older (see my INFJ blog)

The unicorn horn = “to the point” she already doesn’t hide how she feels and tells it like it is, another INFJ trait

An interesting article on unicorns


Even I had to join in and try on the unicorn Head band

She had a surprise birthday meal in a restaurant with family on Friday ,which we all managed to keep secret,and on Saturday she had a party at home with her friends

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Another rainbow link !

Posted in coincidences, indigo kids, rainbows, rainbows/prisms on September 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I decided I am going to do a quick one card reading for my friends on Facebook every Monday starting today …..

I have lots of different oracle sets and randomly chose “natures blessings” which is a free set I got with a magazine

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather when I pulled this card !!

Baby Eva is doing very well,she has passed all her screening checks with flying colours πŸ™‚

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Baby Eva and the rainbow coincidence (and more rock star links)

Posted in bolan, bowie, coincidences, indigo kids, rainbows, rainbows/prisms, the rockstars medium on September 23, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Baby Eva was named after Eva Cassidy the singer who became famous mainly for her cover of “somewhere over the rainbow”

I have not seen a rainbow for probably two years ? I am not sure but it has been a long time…what did we all see the week Eva was born :

I know nothing about Eva Cassidy so I decided to look her up,I found myself saying ” this is getting silly now” because yes,there are Bowie and Bolan links !

I often see my maiden surname “macauley” come up with psychic stuff, well mcculley is pretty close

Then we see BOWIE Maryland

More Bowie

Here is the Bolan link : Bolan had unofficial guitar lessons from Eric Clapton

And the name Shapiro ,which is not very common…Bolan was in a band in his childhood with Helen Shapiro

Mention of Eric Clapton in a book about Marc Bolan

Mention of Helen Shapiro in a book about Marc Bolan

We thought Eva would be born on Marcs 40th anniversary (the 16th)  but she arrived on 19th ,she was three days early,it makes her the same Celtic tree sign as him and the same Celtic animal sign ,the swan….”ride a white swan”

I made this for his anniversary and got lots of likes on Marc Facebook pages

My hubby who is not usually very psychic found this the day after marcs anniversary in a random charity shop, I had said that morning that I thought he might find a swan but I thought it was going to be up the landfill when he got rid of some old broken furniture from the bedroom, this swan looks very like the one Marc was riding on TV

And the day of marcs anniversary I gutted my bedroom and had a huge clear out ,it took us from 8am-9pm ..I found these :

A guitar pick especially for tiny hands (Marc was tiny) ,and a W keyfob ,although when I found it,it was that way up like an M

Another strange rock star coincidence ,is that while we were waiting to see a Bolan tribute programme on TV we caught the tail end of a “queen” concert and this was on the end credits

Which looks EXACTLY like one of my moon photos I had been editing that day and had posted on my photography website (I caught up finally with some long awaited photography work while hubby was moving round the furniture in the bedroom) I have not tried a contact session with Freddie Mercury yet but he is on my list, maybe it is a hint that I should try soon !? πŸ˜‰

Honestly, these links are getting ridiculous, I have had more and more lately but not blogged them yet,its not as if my daughter in law named baby Eva with that name on purpose so that I would research  and then find these links !!!

I have done LOTS of contact sessions too but as usual they will be on my private Facebook 

Totally forgot about this one !! STARMAN by Bowie ,which coincidentally is one of Evas sisters favourite songs πŸ™‚

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Our third grand child

Posted in indigo kids on September 20, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Welcome to the world to our third grand child πŸ™‚

A beautiful little girl called Eva Roisin Allegra, born on the 19th September ,at 9:54am ,weighing 6lb 9 ,Celtic tree sign hazel,Celtic birth animal the swan.

She has the middle name Roisin to honour the Irish part of our side of the families roots,it is pronounced “rosheen” and means “little rose”

She is named Eva after the singer Eva Cassidy and Allegra after her mummy’s best friend.

Arwen and Isaac are in love already with her , Arwen is being a brilliant big sister and Isaac is being very very gentle ❀

How beautiful ..our two grand fairies !

Congratulations to my son Nathan and his lovely fiancΓ© Amber

I am so happy to have three grand children πŸ™‚

Hubby is delighted too πŸ™‚

I wonder if Eva will be an indigo like her sister ? I don’t think so though as she was not born with the huge wide open saucer “old soul” eyes !

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