The rainbow rock coincidence

The before Xmas eve the grandkids came over for the day,we decided to go to the park but halfway there our grandson got very upset because he was very very tired, so I sent hubby to take him home and I carried on with our grand daughter to the park, we had fun,we first stopped […]

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Grand daughters singing debut

You may have seen my previous blog about our grand daughter and her up coming singing debut. Well she did it, and how very proud we are 🙂 She sang at the local Xmas lights switch on with her daddy (our son) No nerves at all,even though her teacher from school came to watch It […]

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Indigo again

Remember I said we keep seeing a lorry with “the future is indigo” on it,but only when our indigo grand daughter is with us ? We took the grandkids to “wacky warehouse” on Saturday, and saw an indigo sign again I have never heard of this company until recently, its little “coincidences” like this that […]

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